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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Just Recieved Dux Bellorum

This is the most excited I have been in a long time (really!)

Having had a quick read through they seem excellent and a real step forward from Dan Mersey's earlier Glutter of Ravens, which I also like.

First game in a fortnight - look out for my report of the game.

Well done Osprey  - wargames rules don't have to be huge tomes costing megabucks


  1. Agreed! Especially on the price! Mine arrived on Tuesday [along with 'A World Aflame' which I don't remember pre-ordering] so I'll be trying to get my head round two new rules sets soon.....

  2. Having seen the first two, I'm excited to see what others Osprey will do! I was quite tempted by Dux Bellorum, which is unusual as I'm usually strictly a fantasy and sci-fi gamer...

    1. There is a steampunk/VSF set due out next

  3. Looking forward to playing this.
    The rules look like they still allow some nice decision and tactics, without exploiting ceryain rules to get odd effects.

    Like how basically everything has the same profile, and the difference between the various list is the ratios of these troop types.
    Looking forward to trying them in a few weeks time Dave.


  4. Amazon have the book for under a tenner, you can't go wrong with that! A couple guys were playing their first game at the club this week, looked really promising.