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Saturday 29 March 2014

Rules Archive

Trebian set out a list of the rules he has owned so I thought that I would follow suit. The premise is stand alone purchased rule sets.  None from magazines or free issue in any shape or form.  Not included are sets played but not owned

I was surprised that I have as many as I do, although I am sure others have many more.

Doing the list made me reflect on the games I play.  I realise that I am more driven by having opponents that want to give me a game than trying to find the ‘perfect’ set of rules.

Anyone reading this who wants a game of one of these systems let me know and with one or two obvious exceptions (who mentioned Newbury) I will be happy to oblige

On to the list

Precursor to Warhammer ECW – played a couple of times but did not work for me – good looking campaign system though
18th Century POW
 Never played
19C Principles of War
 Never played
A Thousand Years of Medieval Warfare (Newbury)
 A huge number of tables – very unlikely to play again.  My head hurts just thinking about these rules
A World Aflame
 Hope to play this year – looking for a good interwar set and I like the way Osprey have released affordable slim rule sets
Action under Sail
Complex looking set of Napoleonic Sea rules that I have never played
ACW Rules (T Wise)
 One of the old Airfix series that I bought but never played
Ancient Warfare
 I played this quite a few times when I joined the Falkirk club and really enjoyed the games – would like to play again
Bad War
 An innovative Renaissance set that unfortunately is only available as a PDF which is a big downside for me – I expect to play these again sometime however
Band of Brothers (Piquet)
 I have only played these rules once but they are very different and allow much less control to the player than most sets – must play again soon
Bloody Barons
 Interesting set of Wars of the Roses rules by Peter Pig and I am told that they share many mechanisms with other sets from the same stable.  A big plus is that they include scenarios for all the WoR battles so I expect to play a few of these
Captain General
These are from the Pike and Shot Society and cover a period slightly wider than Marlburian.  Played a couple of games a while ago and enjoyed them so would do so again
Chain of Command
 My newest purchase the currently popular Too Fat Lardies WW2 rules – so far I have found them enjoyable and hope to play a few more games (with other peoples figures)
Check Your 6!
I have played a few games of Check Your 6! Jet Age and expect these to be a good WW2 set.  Very surprisingly these are the only Air Warfare rules on this list – I usually use other people’s planes and rules
Comitatus (in Goths Huns and Romans)
 Look to be an interesting set but I have never played them
 Never played – may be a case of excessive production values over content
Contemptible Little Armies 3rd ed
 Just played the one game which worked pretty well – expect to play again
 An interesting set of Ancients rules which I have played off and on since they came out.  Always enjoyable and I do hope to play them again soon
De Bellis Renationis
 My only DBx rules.  I had an enjoyable few games with them when they came out.  However having worked out that the best way to play them was to mix the elements up in a totally unhistorical way (I was using ECW armies) I gave them up
A high renaissance set – works quite well but a bit clunky and not enough variation in combat results for my taste
Dux Bellorum
 I really really wanted to like these rules as I had enjoyed playing Glutter of Ravens by the same author and they are in the Osprey format that I like.  The first few games were a bit of a disappointment however  – over too quickly for my taste and a bit predicable in combat.  I have not given up on them though
Dux Brittannicum
 A simple game of raids and battles in ‘Arthurian’ Britain.  There is little variation in troop types but the raids are generally good scenarios.  At first I thought the campaign system was a strength but on refection it would take  an awful lot of games to actually progress through to the end so that has lost some relevance for me.  Generally a fun game though
 If you wanted to concentrate on playing Napoleonics with a small group of friends who were happy to learn a complex set of rules thoroughly then I would recommend Empire.  I enjoyed the few games I played but I left all the mechanics to the other players
Fantasy Wargaming
 The Bruce Galloway book which includes a set of rules.  Bought many  years ago and never played I took them down to the club a few weeks ago for the long time fantasy players to have a look at.  It is probably more a RPG set than a mass battle set although mass battle rules are included.  They gave them very short shrift so that is probably that.
Feudal Wars
 Bought to take part in the National Wargames Championships many moons ago – did not enjoy them then so will probably never play them again
Field of Glory
 I played about 50 games of FoG and found them an enjoyable set.  I only played them in 25mm which may have made my experience different to some others.  I don’t have any opponents but would play again-  I did not invest in the 2nd edition
Field of Glory Renaissance
 Although I only played a couple of games once again due to lack of opponents in 25mm I actually thought that these were an improvement on basic FoG.  You never know I might get another game sometime
File Leader
 I always thought that these looked a really interesting set of ECW rules for smaller battles but I have never got round to playing them – one of these days perhaps
Fire and Fury
 Very enjoyable ACW rules with plenty of period flavour
 The only set of rules on this list that I no longer own as I got out of 1/300 WW2.  They seemed better than the WRG equivalent at the time but that is many years ago now
For King or Faith
 Period specific covering Europe in Tudor times.  Never played
Force on Force
 My preferred rules for modern warfare.  It is small scale skirmish.  The difficuly is in having balanced scenarios as small numbers of high quality troops can often wipe the floor with lower quality opposition but I find them a fun set to play.
Forlorn Hope
 These are quite an old set of ECW rules and the mechanisms are a little clunky and of their time but I have yet to find a better set for the period.  They do take a bit of learning and I haven’ty played them nearly as often as I would like to have done.
Ga Pa
 Marlburian rules that got a good write up when they came out some time ago now.  I picked them up cheap on a Bring and Buy but have never played them as yet
General de Brigade
 These were very popular at the Falkirk club so I picked up a set having played a couple of games but they have now fallen out of fashion.  A charge by my Spanish Dragoons through the French lines will long live in my memory
Glutter of Ravens
 I had a lot of fun playing these Dark Age Britain rules some years ago. Good for an occasional game
God's Acre
 Never played –  medieval - they did not get a good press
Guns at Gettysburg
 Enjoyable set of ACW rules from the General de Brigade stable but only played the once
Hail Ceasar
 Black Powder Ancinets – not that impressed but would give them another go
 My current rules of choice for the Ancient/Medieval period.  Give a fun agme in an evening.  I think my interest is starting to wane a little though
In Her Majesty's Name
 I thought these might be a fun set to give a go but haven’t done so as yet
John Company
 A few years ago I wanted to get into the Sikh Wars in 15mm and needed a set of rules.  Nothing came of the project but who knows – one day perhaps
Killer Katanas II
Samurai wars was another project that did not progress.  The rules look interesting and there are lots of scenarios available
 SF rules based on Impetus bought on PDF.  Unplayable.  Worse than Newbury.
 An old fashioned and clunky set of Medieval rules that I am very unlikely to play again
 A simple but fun set of ACW rules enhanced by a great campaign system
Lord of the Rings
 A fun set of Games Workshop rules – would play again any time
Lost Battles
 Must play sometime – very different Ancient rules to refight actual battles
Ludus Gladitorious
 Simple gladiator rules used for PP games – quick and easy
 18th Century rules.  I am not totally taken with them but they did facilitate (with only minor tweaks) the best reconstruction of an actual battle that I have ever been involved in  – Falkirk Muir 1746 – so they must have something going for them
Medieval Warfare
 Companion to and closely related to Ancient Warfare – once again I would like to play these some more
Medieval Warfare (Slim Mumford)
 Never played – a slim booklet of skirmish rules
Might & Reason
 Another 18th Century set – only played the once I can’t really remember what they were like
 Fun Fun Fun GW skirmish set – good for a campaign
Napoleonic Principles of War
 The hidden deployment at the start worked well and I enjoyed the games I played
Napoleon's Campaigns in Miniature
I also have the Airfix guide that came out before this but have never played either set.  The national characteristics that are a key part always looked interesting but others who have played thm have said that after a few plays the system seemed broken.
 Ancient naval rules that I very much want to give another go sometime
Newbury Napoleonic
 Typical Newbury – bahhhh
Once upon a time in the West Country
 Simple ECW skirmish rules that give a fast flowing game
 My preferred set of Medieval skirmish rules.  The bookkeeping seems a bit cumbersome compared to more modern rules but once you are used to it works fine.  Many happy memories of games over the years.  In one of my first games a peasants took out a mounted knight when I threw less than 5% to hit with the parry failing despite a 95% chance of success.  In another game which involved an assault on a castle the attacking player put down covering archery fire as his men tried to scale the ramparts using ladders but shot 3 of his own men in the back in quick succession as the arrows fell short (or was it treachery?)
 A set of medieval rules that I have never played
Road to Osaka
I had one very enjoyable game of these Samurai skirmish rules a few years ago
Samurai Wars
 Never played
Sebastopol, Sadowa and Sedan
More  Newbury – yawn!
Shattered Lances
 I was very enthusiastic when the rules came out as they seemed to give an excellent feel for Crusader era warfare.  For some reason we dropped them but I would certainly give them another go

 A set of Ancient rules that came up against the might of WRG 6th in its pomp and vanished without trace
Sword & Pistol
 Renaissance skirmish – OK but no coconut
Sword and Shield
 Ancient skirmish as above
 I gave Tercio a few goes but in the end found that the games take too long and combat results are too predictable
The Great War
 WW1 by GW – works fine as a game
The Quest of Thane Tostig
My first faltering step into fantasy was to buy these rules but I never played a game
To The Sound of the Guns
 For a time these were our Napoleonic rules of choice – different to the WRG rules we had been using but after a few years we went back to WRG which says it all I suppose
Tomorrow's War
 The SF version of Force on Force.  Only played 2 games but I hope to give them another go sometime
Triumph & Tragedy
 OK for interwar or very early WW2 gaming but don’t seem to work quite right – difficult to put a finger on why not.  Would play again,
Under the Lilly Banners
 Marlburian set designed for masses of 28mm figures – overly simplistic for my taste
Vis Bellica
 An innovative set of Ancient/Medieval rules that I only managed to play the once.  Their big bases were on the go long before Impetus.
War and Conquest
 These were given to me as a present and are supposed to be similar to but better than Warhammer Ancients.  I must give them a try sometime soon
Warfare in the Age of Reason
 Another unplayed Marlburian set
Warfare Through the Ages
 More Newbury – Oh No!
WRG Wargames Rules 1685 – 1845
 A simple set of rules that I have only ever used for Napoleonics.  Playable but not that satisfying a game
Wargames Rules for Regular and Colonial Conflicts in the 19th Century (POW)
 Never played
Warhammer Ancient Battles 1st ed
 I started using Warhammer Ancients at the Washington club to provide variety and encourage more people to take up Ancients.  At Falkirk this also worked well as many members were used to Warhammer systems.  Somewhat flawed particularly by overpowerful characters but does often give a good game
Warhammer Ancient Battles 2nd ed
 Never played – the plug was pulled on Warhammer Historical and people lost interest
Warhammer English Civil War
 OK I suppose – at one time it was the only way I could get a game of ECW
Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th ed
I am probably pretty unusual in getting into Warhammer Fantasy in my 50s but there was a campaign that looked pretty good that I wanted to take part in so I took the plunge.  Fine for an occasional game and in fact a very well written set of rules
 Steampunk!  I want to give this a proper go sometime
Wars of the Roses(Ed Smith)
 Bought on a whim but never played
WRG Wargames Rules 1000BC to 1000AD 4th ed
 Bought before I joined my first wargames club (in fact the first rules that I ever bought come to think of it)  Never played
WRG Wargames Rules 3000BC to 1200AD 5th ed
 These rules got me hooked on wargaming.  At the time I thought thay were better than 6th ed, but all my friends wanted to switch
WRG Wargames Rules 3000BC to 1485AD 6th ed
 I have played these rules way more than any other set with 2013 being the first year since they were published in 1980 that I did not have a game of them.  Many highs and lows too many to set out here.  I am sure I will have another game or two of these over the  coming years
WRG Wargames Rules 3000BC to 1485AD 7th ed
 These were a dramatic break from the previous editions and did not work at all in 25mm for me at least
WRG Wargames Rules for Fifteenth to Seventeenth Centuries (1420 - 1700)
 The Gush renaissance rules still very playable if a little slow compared to more modern rules

Sorry the format is all to cock - I just can't seem to get blogger to work for me at the moment


  1. Fairly Impressive collection fo rules. I can see why you tend tp only play a ruleset once or twice a year now.

  2. I'd be interested in a go of "In Her Majesty's Name" sometime, I'd been considering it as an option for some kind of Victoriana, Steampunk game about the same size as Mordheim. One of those in the Future plans.

  3. Very interesting - reminded me of some things in my cupboards that I want to try again - Medieval Warfare, Shattered Lances, Piquet, for example - even Firefly. My problem these days is that I find it increasingly hard to learn (or relearn) rules and keep them separate in my head. Doug

  4. Good list. How many sets is that? Like me you have many, many sets bought with the best intentions and never played. BTW I have Lost Battles as well (and Strategos II) but decided against including them. Perhaps I should go back and add them.

    I had a b*gg*r of a job formatting my list as well, would you believe. I suggest you go back in and BOLD the titles

  5. 93, although I think Armati should be on the list as well as another owned but never played.

    I was surprised at the number but on reflection it is less than 3 a year since I started wargaming so I suppose that is not too bad

    1. 93. I am humbled.

      Note to self. Must buy more rules.

  6. Wow - your list of 'owned' rules is longer than my list of 'have ever heard of' rules! Looks like I'm off to google a few new discoveries...