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Thursday 23 June 2016

Mordhiem Round 2

We all went down to the woods on Monday and the big surprise was the effectiveness of the wandering Dryads who took out more opponents than the 6 warbands together.  I only lost 3 figures all to one wandering Dryad.

My forces reputation obviously preceded them as almost all the other warbands headed for the hills after minimal contact.  Even the hated Witchhunters whom we had been hoping to get stuck into ran off rather than fight us.

There was talk of a casket of treasure but we never saw it, probably just duff intel.

Saturday 11 June 2016

Dance of Power First Campaign Season

Red Orm's fame preceded him to the lands of the Anglo Saxons who were happy to pay him and his raiders off further boosting his already impressive reputation.

'As it should be' he mused on his return - 'now where to go a Viking next?'

Saturday 4 June 2016

DBA/HotT good SAGA bad

Last Monday saw the first of our 'last Monday in the month' DBA/HotT events.

Myself, Frazer, Gordon and Andy K got through 3 games of 25mm DBA. We played a round Robin with Andy and Frazer winning 2 games each  and myself and Gordon 1.  We still have a lot to learn but it was fun.  I got 2 new armies (to DBA) on the table, Early Achamenid Persian and Seleucid.

The 4 playing 15mm fantasy were Andy W, who provided the figures, John M, Ric and Doug.  I think they only got 2 games in but once again all seemed satisfied. 

The next event is scheduled for 27th June.

Bad news on the SAGA front, 2 Mondays with work commitments and other campaign nights mean that I am probably going to have to pay Danegeld for the first round!

Looking forward to tomorrow as we are taking a couple of games to the Wartime Experience event at the National Museum of Flight.