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Friday 16 May 2014

Glengoyne, Carronade and Wartime Experience

Last weekend was indeed a memorable one.  Mick came over from Switzerland brining goodies in the form of Whisky, Chocolate and 28mm Indonesians and British.

On the Thursday night the figures for the Indonesian Confrontation were on the table, although the scenario was the first one from the Classified Force on Force book set in the Pacific in WW2.  As usual it took us a little while to get our heads around the rules but it was a fun game nonetheless and great to get the figures on the table.  Some Old Pultney was consumed.

Now Mick knows his whiskey but had not visited a distillery before soon the Friday we took a trip over to the Glengoyne distillery.  It is quite a small one which means that you can get up close and personal with the equipment and the tour was very interesting.  We then had time for a side trip to Loch Lomond before heading over to the school to help with the Carronade set up followed by going out for a meal and a little more whisky before bedtime.

Saturday was an early start with more setting up to be done.  There were unfortunately some issues with the flea market which meant that I spent a good part of the day looking after that with the help of my wife who gamely stepped in as well which was a great help as she is much more organised than me by nature.

The demand for flea market tables exceeded the supply so we will be looking to see if we can fit more in next year.  I did manage to get round the show and talk to a few people.  It had a fantastic buzz this year which lasted all the way to closing time at 16:00.  Most of the traders had had a good show and certainly the feedback from the public on various forums and blogs has been very favourable.  We got 612 through the door which is a record for us.  We were all pretty knackered after the show so we had a quiet night, although it did involve whisky again.

My purchases were fairly modest being the rules and accessories set for Wings of Glory WW1 from Northumbria Games, the new Dux Brittaniarum supplement from Wings of War and a British mortar and crew from Commando Miniatures.

On Sunday we went over to the National Museum of Flight where we were taking part in the Wartime Experience event for the second year running.  We put on Wings of War and a 1914 Through the Mud and the Blood game both of which were well received, as was a Bolt Action Normandy game put on by SESWC.

I am not so used to dealing with young kids so it was a bit of a challenge for me on the Wings of War table but I still enjoyed itas did they and their parents.  A pleasant surprise was that Brian put in an appearance  - he had not been able to make it to Carronade.

Another long day. I had bought a tasting set of 3 5ml bottles at Glengoyne so we had a proper tasting session on the Sunday evening, with Mick giving me some helpful pointers.

Mick flew back on the Monday morning flight and I must say it had been a memorable few days all round