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Thursday 29 July 2021

Test of Resolve Scenario Book 2 now available

Now on sale on our website it covers 8 battles in the latter half of the Wars of the Roses namely Hedgeley Moor, Hexham, Edgcote, Empingham, Barnet, Tewkesbury, Bosworth and Stoke Field.  Lots of fun to playtest and it is great to be able to offer it up the the wargaming public.


Thursday 8 July 2021

First time back at the club since February 2020

 We actually opened on the 21st but it was my first visit this Monday.  We are operating a fairly strict set of protocols in line with Scottish Government advice and a lot of members are not wanting to return just yet but it was good to see 7 of our 8 available tables with games on them.

I played 7YW Rebels and Patriots using a scenario from the Sugar Islands campaign book.  I took the French and led the defense of Madame Ducharmety's plantation on Guadeloupe.  The redoubtable lady's force was largely made up of armed slaves who provided a determined resistance to the British regulars but after a  brisk firefight a highland charge stormed the hill and she she was wounded and captured.

Thanks to Doug for the game.  Perhaps I will remember to take pictures next time.