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Friday 27 September 2019

What I am working on 27/09/2019

Inspired by another blog I thought that I would post a list of what I am currently working on

WW2 British            10mm        Blitzkrieg Commander
Medieval Scots         25mm       DBA
Greek ships               large         Fleet of Battle
Austrian 19C            15mm       Field of Battle
Austrian Nap            15mm       Field of Battle
Danish 19C              15mm       Field of Battle
British Nap               15mm       Field of Battle
Wars of the Roses    25mm       Field of Battle
Beastmen                 28mm       Hostile Realms
Chaos Warriors        28mm       Hostile Realms
Elf                             28mm      Hostile Realms
Men                          28mm       Hostile Realms
Jason                         25mm       Hordes of the Things
Jason's enemies        25mm       Hordes of the Things
Fantasy Viking         28mm       Of Gods and Mortals
Carthaginian             25mm       Pulse of Battle
Republican Roman   25mm       Pulse of Battle
Late Roman              25mm       Pulse of Battle
Goth                          25m          Pulse of Battle
Ghosts of Gaia          28mm       Rogue Stars
Elf                             25mm       Vanguard

I hope to game with most of these in the next 12 months