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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Belated 2015 plan

I almost didn't post a plan this year, but having got off to a good start I thought I would share my thoughts.  This will hopefully give me some incentive to complete the tasks I have set myself.

2015 is going to be the year of the big sort and reorganisation of my wargames collection.  It consists of several thousand 25/28mm figures (Ancients, Medieval, Renaissance, 20th Century, Fantasy and SF) several hundred 15mm figures (18th & 19th centuries) some 10mm (20th century) and a few ships and planes.  Some are painted to the 'wargames standard'   that I aspire to, some need a bit of work but are usable in a game and others are unpainted or partly painted.

They are currently housed in a variety of cardboard and (some) plastic boxes.  These are mainly box files and document boxes (lidded, slightly smaller than box files but also a little taller).  An element of 'wargames standard' finish is to magnetise the bases. A proportion of the boxes have been lined with steel sheet.

The plan is to move all the completed 25/28mm figures into steel lined document boxes.  Usable but not completed will go into unlined document boxes.  I have 53 of these boxes in total and am hoping that will just about be enough.

The few steel lined box files will be used for 15/10mm completed or usable figures. Unlined will take unpainted figures, as will other non standard boxes.  Ships, planes and terrain will fit into suitable sized boxes, as will the few 25/28mm figures and models that are too tall to fit into document boxes.  I should also be able to get rid of some old and tatty boxes and by the end of it the attic should be very much tidier.

Part of this exercise is to catalogue what I have got, with more detail on completed figures and less on unpainted.  All the boxes will be numbered so I should be able to find what I am looking for much more easily than in the past.

I have so far sorted out 17 boxes of completed 25/28mm figures and 4 boxes of usable figures,  In addition 2 boxes of usable 15mm figures have also been sorted.  This is going to take quite a while to complete but it should certainly be doable.

The second part of this new approach is focussed on the painting table.  My plan here is to clear it completely and then focus my efforts on planned games.  For instance my next games are - Irregular Wars (renaissance 28mm), Legions of Battle (Fantasy 28mm) Necromunda (SF 28mm) and Warmachine (28mm Steampunk).  I am not providing any figures for Irregular Wars so my first task will be to work on my Chaos Fantasy figures.  These need a bit of a tidy up and magnetising so that is my current project, although I am unlikely to complete it this time around.  Once that game has been played I will turn to my Necromunda Goliath figures which just need a little work to complete.  Next up will be to paint my warmachine models.  

I am much less confident of being able to stick to the second part of my plan for a full year but I am determined to give it a good go.

So lets see how I get on.

Other targets - play 100 games in 2015 and blog at least once a month.