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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Game of PHV last night

A disaster!  Only flying 2 FW 190s against the American bomber stream returning from a raid.  Both had a wing blown off but fortunately the pilots bailed out OK.

I think I will take Me109s next time.  They can't do any worse!

Saturday 20 October 2012

Effect of changing template?

I signed up on the classic template but have been forcibly moved onto the new one.  It is no big deal but there does seem to have been a side effect on my page view count

The total page views have gone down a bit recently, but as I have not been posting as frequently or cross posting to the likes of TMP this is not unreasonable.  However the page view count by topic has gone through the floor - my last one on projects that might never be done has only 2.  I have had 2 comments so that would mean that noone else has looked at it at all which seems most unlikely.

Anyone else have this problem and/or know a solution?

Sunday 14 October 2012

Projects you will probably never do but keep buzzing around your head

Books are often inspirational for the wargamer.  However sometimes they give rise to the desire to do a project or refight a battle that is just very unlikely to happen.  That doesn't stop you thinking about them of course.  I am not talking about a passing fancy here but a long held wish that seems likely to be frustrated.

I have two longstanding examples that I thought I would share, prompted by the possibility of having acquired a third.

In 1979 I bought a copy of the Knight's wargaming series title on the Battle of Minden.  The successful advance of the British Infantry regiments against the cream of the French cavalry caught my imagination. I did some work on the OOB and how it might work as a wargame but have taken it no further.  I misplaced the book for about 10 years at my parents house and only came across it again after I was clearing their house when my mother passed away.  Once again the wargaming juices were stirred and tentative plans formed.

In 2005 I acquired a copy of Stopping Napoleon by Tom Pocock.A great book subtitled War and Intrigue in the Mediterranean.  This sparked another obsession, refighting Maida.  Another British victory but much less glamorous.  I can't really explain the fascination but once again I keep coming back to it.  Once again a full OOB exists (easier this time) but it has gone no further.

Last week I bought The Battle of Heligoland Bight 1939 by Robin Holmes.  This tells the story,which was entirely new to me, of the RAF's early attempt at a daylight bombing campaign using Wellingtons against the German Naval baseinthe North Sea.  They were intercepted and about half the force failed to return to base with the Luftwaffe only losing 2 fighters.  24 Wellingtons against about 40 German fighters, a mixture of Me 109s and Me 110s.  This led to the abandonment of a plan to launch a massive attack on the Ruhr and the Bomber Command stratedy turned to nightime bombing. Only time will tell whether or not this stays with me as the others have but my gut feeling is that it will.

Why not play these games if I am so interested in putting them on?  Part of it is to do with acquiring and painting the models.  Normally I am more than happy to borrow figures from friends but not for these battles.  I would want to own them.  The other major issue is that I have lots of other projects which grow in number every year and only move forward at a snails pace.  They at least allow me to use the same forces for a number of battles, the three above would be pretty much one offs. Also, after so much anticipation, would they live up to my expectations? 

Do you have anything similar on your bookshelves?  Those books that you go back to from time with a gleam in your eye thinking one day... one day....

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Quick update

I have been really busy at work so this is my first post for a while.

The one thing I have been able to keep up reasonably well is my gaming so 4 to briefly tell you about.

I have started a Dux Britanniarium campaign!  My raiding Saxons did not do so well though.  The scenario was an attempt to plunder a small village.  Having got there well before the defenders and almost immediately found the first bit of plunder 15 rolls failed to produce a 6 and I had to debunk  before finding the second piece.

Next up was Purple Heart Valley.  Four of us with four fighters each attacked a large formation of American bombers of which six went down, just none to my guns.

Last week I had my first game of Check Your 6! Jet Age,  I took a pair of Pakistani MiG 19s against Indian MiG 21s.  We zoomed around the sky getting the odd shot in  but neither doing substantial damage to the other.  Great fun though and yet another set of rules goes on my must buy list.

Last night Dux Bellorum was out again.  Stewart and Ken wanted to give it a go again so I brought out Late Roman and  Early Welsh armies.  They seemed to enjoy it but another early finish.

No joy on my September targets so I am not going to try targets again in October.  Work is likely to remain manic for another few weeks so wargaming will have to take a bit of a back seat.  I will try to do a few quick posts if I can