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Saturday 6 August 2022

First Post in Over a Year

 Many of you will know that my wife died last September and my interest in maintaining the blog waned.

Two things have really helped me in coping.  One is my dog Beau, who has been an absolute godsend.

The other has been wargaming.  

Beau has made me get out, exercise, and his happy face on a walk or running after a ball has been a real tonic.

Wargaming has kept my brain active and also kept me in contact with my wargaming friends.

I decided to post as after being involved in 3 games of Test of Resolve at the Claymore Wargames Show in Edinburgh today my game count for 2022 passed the 100 mark.

Thanks so much to all my opponents and friends for helping me keep myself sane.

My plan is to post more in the coming weeks