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Friday 29 May 2015

Gaming update

Since my last post I have upped the gaming tempo playing the following

Wings of Glory (WW1) x4

Algernon Pulls it Off  x3

DBA 3.0 x3

Necromunda x2

Corvus x2

Irregular Wars

Check Your 6!

Washington WC House WW2 Naval


Guns at Gettysberg

King of the Battlefield

Bolt Action

Chain of Command

Sword and Spear

So that is 23 miniatures games and in addition I also played a couple of board games as well.

A highlight was a trip to London where I managed to fit in a game on each of my free evenings.  Thanks to Central London Wargames Club and Gavin McKenzie in particular for taking me through a game of King of the Battlefield. Loughton Strike Force were also gracious hosts and it was very interesting to take part in a playtest of the second edition of Guns at Gettysberg in a multiplayer gaming including the author Dave Brown.  I will certainly be looking forward with interest to the final version. I must also thank Gary for helping me get too and from the venue.  Two cracking clubs that I hope to get back to again sometime.

The Falkirk annual trip to the Scottish National Museum of Flight was a great day out with lots of participation in our Wings of Glory and Bolt Action Tank game.  The key to these public events really is to keep the rules as simple as possible.  A number of visitors went away with details of the rules so we may have planted a few seeds there.

Last, but by no stretch of the imagination least, is Carronade, the annual show hosted by the Falkirk club.  For my sins I am on the organising committee and am pleased to report that, to coin a phrase, it was our best show ever.  More visitors, games, traders, flea market tables sold and painting competition entries.  Including visitors, people putting games on, traders and club members we must have had best part of 1,000 people attending which was great.  There is going to be a spread in August's Wargames Illustrated so keep a look out for that.
Hopefully I will start to up my posting count over the next few weeks.  I have still not fixed the problem which has made it impossible to attach photos - if I can get that done it will give me more incentive to post regularly. (edit)  Getting the spacing right also seems to be a pain