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Friday 27 May 2016

SAGA game plus DBA plan

On Monday I had a final rehearsal game of SAGA before the campaign kicks off.  It was my opponent's first game of SAGA and I of course took advantage and soundly thrashed him.  To be fair rolling lots of 6s helped.  I now have a catch phrase for the campaign 'The Viking Way'.  This means that my plan is to ignore scenario's victory points etc. and just get stuck in at every opportunity.  We will see how well that approach works! 

We have a good turn out for Monday 30th and our first DBA/HotT night.  There are 4 playing 25mm DBA and 4 15mm HotT.  I have been working up some new armies so we have Achemenid Persian v Hoplite Greek and Seleucid v Roman. Although most of the figures are painted some need finishing off and others based up - DBA has certainly increased my output compared to previous years.  I will probably bring along another couple of armies in case anyone else wants to join in.

Sunday 22 May 2016

Blog Relaunch

The blog has been very quiet recently – largely due to my difficulty in getting pictures onto it.  Some time ago I found that I was unable to post photos saved on my laptop onto the blog.  This was compounded more recently when I could not even download photos from my camera to the laptop.  I am afraid that I have very little patience with computer issues and when a couple of attempts to fix these issues failed I have simply parked them for another day.

So what has changed?  Well firstly I have made a resolution to have another serious go at solving these problems.  More importantly I want to record my progress on current projects and the blog is the best place to do that. So these projects are:

Mordhiem campaign.  This will be my second campaign of this system at the Falkirk Club.  The games are always relaxed and fun.  I picked up some old citadel medieval/fantasy types at the Carronade flea market for a song (nicely painted as well) so these have formed the basis of my Marienburger warband.  We had our first outing on Monday with 6 of us on the table with a simple treasure hunt.  I paired off against Andy’s Skaven and we quickly knocked each other to pieces.  I departed first with no treasure quickly followed Andy who did rather better – however in the post game phase Andy lost 3 killed whilst the worst that happened to me was that one of my heroes was knocked stupid.  Kev and his Undead were the winners.  Next game 20th June.

SAGA campaign.  Tim, another Falkirk club member, picked up the SAGA campaign system pre release at Salute and has organised 8 of us to fight it out over 6 seasons.   I had the figures, have played a couple of games which were quite fun so decided to give it a go.  It looks as if it will be June before the first game.  One added bonus is that with the exception of Tim I have not played any of the participant before, some of whom have only been down to the club a couple of times.  Playing new people is always fun.

DBA gaming.  This one is not a campaign, more an opportunity to get a lot of myf25mm figures on the table for the first time in years.  This has also involved a little bit of painting and basing resulting in me being my most productive for years.  I ran a fun tournament back in April where I provided the 12 armies and it was well received.  This also resulted in me getting some contact at the Glasgow Phoenix club and visiting them a couple of times which I very much enjoyed.  I have a plan to play DBA (and HotT) at Falkirk on the last Monday of the month for the remainder of the year and am hoping to get a good turnout on the 30th May.  All welcome, by the way, whether Falkirk club members or not.

Jason and the Argonauts.  This is the one that I am most excited about.  I am a member of the Society of Ancients and the last 2 issues have included the first parts of a series on the classical Greek story.  For some reason this has really caught my imagination.  As well as a lot of background information the articles include ‘actual’ and what if scenarios with maps and army lists for use with the Hordes of the Things system.  There were 3 such in the first article and 6 in the second.  My rather ambitious plan is to follow the series through to the end refighting all the battles hopefully several times.    More on my progress in a future blog.

Thanks for reading – sorry about the lack of pictures – hopefully that will be sorted before too long.