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Friday 29 November 2019

Visit to Glasgow Phoenix

I try to get over to the Phoenix club a couple of times a year to play DBA or HOTT.

On Tuesday I had 4 games of DBA against Mark.  I normally take along a historically matched pair of armies and something to take on his Wars of the Roses army.  All 25mm of course.

The first clash was Syracuse v Later Carthaginian.  Mark had the Africans bravely charging forward against their opponents some of whom had the advantage of being on a hill.  I threw a lot of sixes and blew them away in very short time.

The first game was a typical DBA line v line clash.  I tried something different for the rematch and split the Carthaginians into two groups with a gap in the centre.  I then refused the right flank made up of my Spanish auxillia and put cavalry on the right flank.  Finally I left my cavalry general in the centre.  The plan worked pretty well with my left flank winning the game helped by the general who sneaked through the centre and was able to get to the rear of the Italians.  Rolling more sixes helped.

By this stage I was quite embarrassed at my excessive rolling of 6s.  I actually changed my dice twice but it made no difference.

Mark was to have his revenge in the second round of games.  I started using Scots Common Army but although the spear held up well losing only one element the loss of my Highland Archers, Horde and Knights (on a draw v Blades) was enough. 

Using the Tudor army for the final game I tried the split army trick again massing the missiles on my left and the rest on the right.  All that firepower only managed to take out the hordes and the death of my general hastened me to a second defeat.

We each won two games so honour was satisfied on both sides.

Games played this year 113 miniatures 2 board

Systems played 36 miniatures 2 board

Thursday 28 November 2019

Blogging again

Lets see how long I can keep this going – the intention is to try and blog after every gaming session.

Had a game of Vanguard against Kev at the club, my elves against his Northern Alliance. My games are noted for extreme dice rolls but this time we both enjoyed/suffered big ups and downs.

To be fair to Kev I had the better of the luck which started with my first set of shooting against his scout – 4 hits none saved and nerve test also failed so dead.  At one stage it looked as if it was all going to be over very quickly but then the roles were revered for a while and Kev clawed his way back into contention.  It didn’t last though and I ended up victorious having won the scenario by finding  and holding on to the spy’s missing papers.

We are intending to do a 7 game Vanguard campaign next year which I am looking forward to

Games played this year 109 miniatures 2 board

Systems played 36 miniatures 2 board