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Friday 15 July 2016

Mid July - games played to date

Up to 62 so not too bad.  Helped a lot by playing shorter games such as DBA.  Lets see if I can keep on track.  The list is: 

DBA 3.024
Lion Rampant5
Wings of War4
Dragon Rampant3
Blood Eagle2
Chain of Command2
Hordes of the Things2
Star Wars Attack Wing2
Algernon Gets it Off 2nd ed1
Beyond the Gates of Antates1
Blood & Faith1
Bolt Action1
Check your 6 Jet Age1
Custers Last Stand1
Hail Caeser1
Hammerin Iron1
Irregular Wars:Conflict at the World's End1
Renaissance Warfare1
Team Yankee1
War of the Ring1

Saturday 2 July 2016

100 Years of War Sunday 25th September 2016

I am organising this event again.  If you are interested in taking part or putting on a game please drop me a note.

Following the A Hundred Years of War label will take you to posts from previous years

Some notes follow:

Jointly sponsored by Falkirk and District Wargames Club and the Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers – now in its 4thd year

 Date: Sunday 25th September 2016

Timing: 10:00 – 17:00 (2 gaming sessions with a short break in between for lunch)

 Venue:  Newlands Community Centre, Montgomery Street, Grangemouth, FK3 8QR

 Cost: Free – tea and coffee (and possibly biscuits) will be available without charge from the kitchen

Notes for Those putting on games

Each game should be capable of being run in full in one of the 2 gaming sessions and will normally only run once.  The expectation is that games will be run by individuals or small groups.  Think participation game rather than demonstration game.  Any system from 1900 onwards, land, sea or air.

Those taking part are very likely to be experienced wargamers but may have not played the rules before – indeed people use this as an opportunity to have a go at a rules system that they have not used before so please bear this in mind when designing your scenarios

 Tables and boards are available as is some club terrain if needed

 If you put a game on hopefully you will be able to take part in another game during the other session and you will have first choice of which game you want to take part in

 Please contact Dave Knight with details of the game as soon as you can.  An initial statement of intent is helpful but please forward details of those putting the game on. period, scale, board size and number of participants as soon as you have them worked out and by mid-September at the latest if at all possible.   An example would be John Smith and Joe Brown, Normandy 1944, 15mm, Chain of Command 6 x 4 table 2 – 6 participants.  Also advise if you expect to play in the other session.

             Notes for game participants

You will have the opportunity to play 2 games during the day, although if you can only make one session this is no problem.

There will be an opportunity for you to state a preference of which games you want to take part in nearer the time, but please be aware that your first choice may not be available and you may be placed in a different game. If this causes you a major issue please have a quiet word on the day.

Part of the fun is to mix people from different clubs and for you to have a chance to play something new, but the primary aim is for us all to have 2 fun games so no strict rules apply other than normal sensible behaviour.

Friday 1 July 2016

Mid Year update

Against my annual target of 100 games I have managed 59 so broadly on track but still pretty challenging as December is usually a write off and I have (non wargaming) holiday weeks to take yet.

What has helped has been a playing much more DBA – Monday saw another 3 games.  It was my regular last Monday in the month DBA/HotT  event but this time we down to just myself and Dave P.  No matter as we had 3 interesting games with me using Romans against his recently acquired Cartheginians.  It ended up 2 -1 to myself – I was a bit reckless with my general in the last game.

Last Saturday I attended the Lakeland Phoenix show event at Penrith.  Not a bad start for a new show – I am sure it has the potential to grow in future years.  I had a quick run through with Beyond the Gates of Atares – think SF Bolt Action.  I don’t think I was in the target audience as we ran through it all in not much more than 10 minutes – I would have appreciated more of a game.  I then played an absolutely excellent Lion Rampant Lord of the Rings game recreating the final scene before the Fellowship went their different ways.  The aim was to get the Hobbits to the boats and thanks to some good rolls I managed to get them all away.  Great fun – well done to Matt who played it through 9 times on the day – I have suggested that he might like to bring a game to Carronade.

Onwards and upwards – just another 41 games to play this year!