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Monday 20 January 2020

2020 Plan

A little late but here we go

Playing games is always the most important part of wargaming for me and the target remains 100 games.  I think I may struggle to get up to 120 of the last couple of years year but 100 would  still be good.

I am currently expectig to do 4 campains/linked battles - Jason and the Argonauts, Wars of the Roses, Barons War and Vanguard.  Also possbly War of the Triple Alliance and the Sudan in 15mm but they may end up being more focussed towards 2021.  If the Austrians get done one or two Napoleonic battles are a possibility.  Plus of course lots of one off games in as many differnt rule sets as I can manage.

I need to have another go at tidying the attic and all my wargames stufff in there - earlier attempts have improved things but much more needs to be done.  I expect to actaully get rid of one or two things as well

Painting - more specific this year - Finish Jason and his opponents (25mm) to be able to do the campaign, tidy up and base my 15mm Napoleonic Austrians, work on the 10mm WW2 Brits and try and get some more 25mm DBA armies table ready.

In terms of new places to game I will continue to be on the lookout for shows/events/clubs/etc. to go to.  One firm plan is to get to the the Society of Ancients Conference down in Oxford.

Not sure on blogging probably just the ocassional update.

Plenty to keep me occupied