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Monday 1 January 2024

A quick update - what happened in 2023 and some plans for 2024

 In 2023 I was able to play 201 games across a lot of recorded and imagined space and time.  What particularly pleased me was that my last game of the year was my 100th based on a real historic land battle and I also did 2 similar naval engagements.

Highlights included trips with Test of Resolve to Hammerhead, Historicon, Carronade and Claymore.  I also made two trips to France to play wargames at Matt and Vanessa Williamson's delightful holiday property L'Hotel d'Herce, and visit historic sites including Mont St Michel and the Bayeux Tapestry.

Not too much off the beaten track this year but I did enjoy games at Station Gamers in Kilmarnock and the Crossfire Gaming Club in Cumbernauld.

A new venture for me was attending 3 'just for interest' courses at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow being The Hundred Years War, Caesar's Gallic Wars and the Punic Wars.

Plans for 2024?

Play 202 games, including as many refights of historic battles as I can in that total.

Visit a few new shows and clubs.  I enjoy this in its own right and it is also a good way to spread the word about Test of Resolve.  

I have another course booked at Strathclyde on the Civil Wars so some 17th Century action may be on the cards.

At least one more visit to France.

Blog at least half a dozen times as the year progresses.

A Happy New Year to you all and good gaming in 2024.