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Monday 31 December 2018

How went 2018??

First of all another good year in terms of number of games played, 112 miniatures and 2 board giving a total of 114.
In terms of rule systems I managed a good deal of variety with 38 miniature sets and 2 different board games.
At the club I have been involved in a Middle Earth Battle Companies campaign which whilst not as much fun as the multi player Mordhiem campaigns of the past have still been enjoyable.
Away from the club I enjoyed some good game at Tim’s (with Tim, Doug and Aiden) including most of the Jacobite rebellion battles and the start of a Hannibal campaign.  Another highlight was a trip to the Naval Wargames Society weekend at the Fleet Air Arm Museum which was well worth seeing in itself.

Following on from organising a public participation game at our local Big Roman Week I wrote up the event in an article for Slingshot which was published.
In painting terms I only managed 21 fully painted figures (target 100) but did a lot of tidying up and basing which let me claim 679 completed figures (target 600)  in the year which is a lot better than my normal output.
Blogging went very well with a post after every game until August when I developed a bit of a backlog and just about stopped.  

My target of playing in 5 new places to get my lifetime score up to 100 ended up being a disappointing 2, so I am now stuck at 97!
Overall a pretty good year as my main objective is as always was to play lots of enjoyable games with friends old and new and in that I very much succeeded

Sunday 23 December 2018

Miniatures games played 2018

This is what I have played this year - a good number of games (112) and selection of rules (38)

Lord of the Rings 17
DBA 3.0 14
Wings of War 12
Lion Rampant 9
What a Tanker 9
Field of Battle 6
Bandits High 4
Pulse of Battle 4
Saga 2 3
Cartouche 2
Full Thrust 2
L'art de la Guerre 2
Sharp Practice 2
War and Conquest 2
Archon 2 1
ArcWorlde 1
Ball and Chain 1
Blitzkrieg Commander 2 1
Bolt Action 1
Chain of Command 1
Check Your 6 1
Coastal Patrol 1
Din of Battle 1
Dragon Rampant 1
East Neuk Irregulars 20th Century 1
Fire and Fury 1
General Quarters 1
If the Lord Spares Us 1
In Her Majesty's Name 1
Jump or Burn 1
Kiss Me Hardie 1
Rogue Stars 1
Sails of Glory 1
Songs of Blades and Heroes 1
Strongsword 1
The Men Who Would be Kings 1
Wargaming Nineteenth Century Europe 1815 - 1878 1
Zeebrugge 1