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Sunday 12 October 2014

Cruinneachadh - An impetus Competition

Had a fun day comprising 3 games.  I seem to have discovered a pretty useful tactic in the Flank March under the Impetus Tournament rules which favours my Feudal English army.

The first game was against Richard's 100 Years War army.  My cavalry flank charge came on at the first opportunity (needing 9 on 2 dice) and ploughed straight down Richard's line for a 130 to 0 win.

I tried the same tactic in my next game against Frazer but there was a very long delay (into double figures of moves) before the flank match arrived leaving my infantry to take on the entire 15th Century Venetian army by themselves.  2 bits of luck won me this game. First off 2 of my long spear FP units managed to combine under the auspices of some very favourable dice rolls to take down a Swiss pike block.  What set it up was a unit of crossbowmen which withstood a frontal charge from said pikes.    I need to take out another 3 points for victory and Frazer (having destroyed my infantry command and the camp) guessed the wrong flank for my flank march, which enabled me to roll up and take out his camp and take an 88 to 42 point victory.

The final game was against Ross and his Patrician Romans.  With the exception of getting the cavalry on relatively early my dice rolls were much poorer this time.  The power of the English Knights were starting to grind him down though when I took out a general who subsequently routed taking his command with him.  Another cavalry unit and the camp soon followed giving me another 130 to zero win.  Frazer came second.

Impetus tournaments seem to be slowly dying out so this, my first win, may well be my last Impetus Tournament.  Although the win was very nice the real enjoyment came from a great day's gaming (although taking down the Pike Block was a special moment).  Thanks to Ross for organising it and the Dunfirmline club for being such gracious hosts.