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Thursday, 8 July 2021

First time back at the club since February 2020

 We actually opened on the 21st but it was my first visit this Monday.  We are operating a fairly strict set of protocols in line with Scottish Government advice and a lot of members are not wanting to return just yet but it was good to see 7 of our 8 available tables with games on them.

I played 7YW Rebels and Patriots using a scenario from the Sugar Islands campaign book.  I took the French and led the defense of Madame Ducharmety's plantation on Guadeloupe.  The redoubtable lady's force was largely made up of armed slaves who provided a determined resistance to the British regulars but after a  brisk firefight a highland charge stormed the hill and she she was wounded and captured.

Thanks to Doug for the game.  Perhaps I will remember to take pictures next time.



  1. Congratulations on the return to F2F gaming! A photo or two would be most welcome.

  2. Thanks Jonathan. We are planning on playing a game a month for the next 3 months to complete the scenario book and I must remember to take pictures next time

    1. Looking forward to your scenario tests. Reminds me that I need to order Vol 1.

  3. Good to see FDWC getting back to face to face gaming. Will be doing the same here once the social experiments - Euros and Wimbledon are completed.

    P & R in 15mm or 28mm for science you know.

    Cheers, Ross

  4. Face to face gaming cannot be bettered, although zoom gaming has helped to keep me sane during lockdown