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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Whatever is going on?

I don't do campaigns - in 30 years + wargaming only one in total until this last 12 months.  That one consisted of 4 battles against one opponent and took over 5 years to complete.

Most campaigns that I have seen first hand have started with a lot of enthusiasm and then very quickly fizzled out, hence the lack of appeal.  What I have done in place of campaigns is to work out and play scenarios for historic battles with aim of doing all the battles in a war or campaign.  That gives me freedom with timing and being able to play different opponents and rules.

Now I am in five campaigns.  How did that happen?  The first was a Dux Brittaniarum campaign against Richard.  We get to play at his house usually 3 or 4 times a year.  He was keen and I thought why not?  It will help string some battles together and as Dux Brit campaigns generally don't have a fixed ending anyway it will run its natural course.

The one campaign that I have seen run recently which was a success was the Mordhiem campaign run last year at the Falkirk club.  It ran through its set number of games to completion and looked a lot of fun.  I have always enjoyed Mordhiem and when Rory said he wanted to run it again this year I thought why not?  Ten games over a year is doable.

The next two are once again Dux Brit campaigns, this time with members of the Falkirk club.  See above for why not?

The final campaign is ACW using the Longstreet rules.  As with Mordhiem this will run for a set number of games.  I have not played theses rules but 15mm ACW is something I have not done much of recently. I have a fair number of figures and this will also give me a chance to reorganise them into some consistent basing.  So I thought why not?

My main worry now is how I will fit in all the other games I want to play. 


  1. Dave,

    Campaigns add another level over and above your games. It goes from: "how do I break my opponents army before he breaks mine", to " What do I need to achieve here to support my long term goals and what is the cost I am willing to pay for it." This males the game much more interesting. At the moment the two things I am looking forward to playing the most are Mordheim and Dux B, purely for the reason stated above and I would gladly play in a lot more cmapaigns if I could. A long running WHFB campaign has been a goal of mine but after two attempts I gave up as there does not seem to be much interest in it.