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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

An Old Project Revived

Can I first direct you to another report on our weekend event, with some more photos particularly of the Mad Mullah game

What was more exciting to me was that Craig, whose blog it is, also has a long standing interest  in the Wars of the Roses. This is one of the wars where I have the aim of refighting the battles.  In 1997 I did Bosworth and in 1999 the First St Albans and Blore Heath, all using WRG 6th.  I had planned to do Mortimer's Cross this year but have not progressed it as yet.

What is also great is that Craig has been trialling a period specific set of rules in Peter Pig's Bloody Barons.  Hopefully we can get a game in relatively soon.  Coincidentally on 7th October we have the author of a new set of WoTR rules called 'The Hollow Crown' is doing a demo game at the club.

Looking good for some interesting gaming!

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