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Monday, 30 September 2013

My Wargames Projects September 2013

WarBattles – doing refights of all the battles in a war or a campaign with no restrictions on rules, probably against multiple opponents
Peloponnesian Wars – this is a mammoth undertaking which I very much doubt I will ever finish.  There are 50+ battles of which I have done 4 of the land ones so far and none of the naval.  I have a plan to do one of the Athenian naval raids using Dux Britanniarum so that might happen in 2014

Battles of Phillip II and Alexander the Great – with 5 battles done I am about a quarter of the way through.  The first was back in 1982 though!
1066 Year of Three Battles – only Gate Fulford to do to complete this

The Italian Wars – I have added this to my list of projects as I have done 3 of the battles and have quite a number of the troops
The Wars of the Roses – only 3 of these done back in the late nineties but I am hoping to get a move on with this using Bloody Barons

Henry VIII’s campaign in France in 1513 – ever since I read Cruickshanks book  I have wanted to game this campaign.  It is the only 25mm pre 1700 period for which I have been buying bare metal figures but unfortunately most of them have stayed that way. One game so far.
Scots Renaissance Battles – a book called Grampian battles aroused my interest in this  - I have so far only done Linlithgow Bridge though

The War of the Triple Alliance – an impulse buy of painted figures got me into this – no games palyed as yet
The Fleet Air Arm month by month – the plan is do do at least one game from each month the FAA was involved in carrier based air to air combat.  I just about have Mers el Kebir ready to roll.

So 18 games over 9 projects since 1982.  I think I will have to speed up!

Side Projects – trying to build up forces
Interwar in 28mm – Marco from Rif Raf has been painting up Freikorps for me- I want to continue to expand this force and  get a few more games in

Indonesian Confrontation – I was taken with Commando Miniatures figures and have managed to get some paint on a few figures – this is something for 2014.
Science Fiction in 28mm – I want to built a small generic force based on some of the Pig Iron figures

Fantasy in 28mm – I have a usable Chaos Warriors army but need to finish it
Steampunk in 28mm – I have a Khador force for Warmachine – it needs some more paint

WSS in 15mm – My Dutch army  just needs the cavalry painted – the Maurice rules are now popular at the club and might prove the inspiration to get these finished and on the table
Modern Iraq in 28mm – a couple of impulse buys mean I have the figures and a couple of vehicles but unpainted at the moment I fear

ACW in 15mm – for the Longstreet campaign – these actually don’t need a huge amount of work
Twinkles in the Eye – who knows whether these will ever turn into projects or not – I hope so!

Cyprus 1974 in 28mm – Greek Cypriot T34s against Turkish M47s.  If I could get my hands on some die casts at sensible prices I would buy some infantry and give this a go

British Honduras in 28mm – What if the Guatemalans had invaded
Napoleonic Naval – small scale frigate actions

Sikh Wars in 15mm- I have some rules but am not sure this will get any further

Then there all my other toys (lots of 25mm ancients/medieval/ECW and 15mm Napoleonics) and of course I will get distracted by gaming other periods and campaigns, both using my own figures and others. The joys of being a wargamer eh!

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  1. Yes Dave you cavalry will be next on my list, plus finish my bavarians for WSS and use the Maurice rules