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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The Blasted Heath

The Yeti had escaped and the Tong, Funanchu , Bobbies and Indian army guides were all out to capture it on a wintry Hamstead Heath. 

The Yeti appeared too far away from my Tong to make recapture feasible so we had a good old battle with the Guides instead with several casualties on both sides

Thanks to John for organising

Games 9
Rules played 9 New 6
Places played 3 New 0

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Vapnartak 2018

The annual Falkirk club bus left 5 am sharp for the 5 hour trip to York

For once we arrived before the doors opened but after a short wait we were in

I made a beeline for the Harrogate club's Italian Wars Sharp Practice game which had a bit of pre show publicity that had grabbed my attention.  Sharp Practice is a favourite at the club but in 28mm Napoleonics which for some reason don't really ppeal.

So I was straight into a game leading the forces of Venice against the dastardly French.  Sometimes the luck goes with me and sometimes against.  This was one of those games where I could do no wrong.  My right flank powered forward against the Swiss mercenaries and, with the help of a fortuitous double move and lots of excellent dice rolls, swept the Venetians to victory in no time at all.

I then met up with Tim and had a quick look around the other games.  My eye was then taken by the Warploque Miniatures stand.  They have the ArcWorlde fantasy range of figures and rules.   North star miniatures had a sale just before Christmas where I had picked up the rules and a couple of warbands.  One of these was Elves and they can use an undead unicorn as an upgrade.  It is a really nice model and I decided to get it.

There was then a temporary evacuation for a security alert.  When I went back in and wandered around again I realised that there was an ArcWorlde participation game that I was able to join in.  My warband consisted of a Dark Warlord, 4 hobgoblins and 3 unusual creatures.  these had the ability to blow themselves up but then be very quickly reincarnated by the Warlord.  my opposition was another Warlord and a number of undead types.  This game was much closer but after many self inflicted explosions I scraped a victory.

I then had a wander through the fleamarket but there was not much on offer and I thought that much of it was overpriced.  Another look around for a game was unsuccessful so I headed off to the bar with Tim and Kenny for a pint and a burger.  One pint turned into 3 and we were also joined by Doug and then Peter.  At about 2:30 I realised that the bus was leaving at 3 so dashed round for a couple of minor purchases and then it was back to the bus getting home about 8ish.

My thoughts on the show?
Trade - first class but not what I go for
Games - the 2 I played were excellent but there definitely seemed to be fewer of them than previous years
Fleamarket - too little space allocated and very little of interest on display
Venue - pretty good although the catering could be better (but that is true of almost every show)
What makes it a great event for me is travelling down with a load of mates

So another great day out

Games 8
Rules played 8 New 6
Places played 3 New 0

Saturday, 3 February 2018

The Affair at Kisii German East Africa 12 9 1914

Another new set of Piquet rules as provided by Tim - Din of Battle.  This was a historical refight of the very early days of WW1 in Africa and a German excusion over the border into British territory.  I took the Germans and  Doug the British with Tim umpiring.

Both sides were largely made up of African forces.  Following elements of the historical account the Germans were drawn up on parade and deemed to be unaware of the approaching British until they spotted them, which in our game took some time. Parade ground formation is far from ideal but the luck that was with me all night was immediately on show as after spotting the next card I drew was deploy which enabled me to very quickly remedy the situation.

The British kept advancing with some casualties on either side.  However my rate of fire was much superior as Doug was having great difficulty drawing a reload card.  AS the British advance continued I deployed my Ruga-Ruga auxiliaries on my left flank.  Once again the cards favoured me as I was able to advance them to close range and rout 2the 2 British units to their front.  This was effectively the end of the game as British morale cracked.

Having read an account of the actual battle it was interesting to note that in that the British got very low on ammo but after a stalemate were able to more or less bluff the Germans into retreating.

The victorious Ruga-Ruga

Games 6
Rules played 6 New 4
Places played 2 New 0

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Wood Elves v Dwarves - always nasty

I had a game of Advanced Songs of Blades and Heroes at the Falkirk club on Monday.  Richard had worked out a neat scenario where my Wood Elves were attacking a dwarf siege tower in an attempt to destroy it. Any elf in contact with the tower would give it one fire point on a successful activation with 10 being enough to destroy it..  However there was one young dwarf at the top of the tower who also had the possibility of being able to douse the flames.

We took 400 points each.  I indulged in a little long range shooting with my 2 Longbows which drove the dwarves into cover behind their protective earthworks.  I then charged forward.  The real hero was a master duellist.  Richards leader was able to group the 4 other fighters and move them as one and the duellist engaged them for several turns with many deft parries.  Although he fell in the end he had bought time for his fellow elves to close with the tower and start to set it alight.  It was touch and go for a while but eventually the Elves were successful.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures but I did remember as we were packing up and took one of Richards excellent siege tower

Games 5
Rules played 5 New 3
Places played 2 New 0

Friday, 26 January 2018

First Game of Blitzkrieg Commander

WW2 on Monday – my first game of Blitzkrieg Commander, hosted by Andy with myself taking the Soviets and Leigh the Finns in 10mm.  I am interested in acquiring some 10mm WW2 forces.  In many ways I prefer 28mm but the scale does not work so well for armoured forces.

Having said that this was largely an infantry affair with the aim being to take control of a central town.  The commissars urged the men forward and there was soon a sharply contested fight on my extreme right flank.  I thought that things were not going too badly until I realised that any even relatively short push backs would take my troops off table and out of the game. 

After that I managed to hang on and cause some casualties, helped by a Finnish pre planned artillery strike which landed on his own troops.  The Soviets just kept some forces in  the town so it remained contested but weight of casualties meant that it ended up a major Finnish victory.

I will keep a look out for a copy of the rules and anything usable in 10mm on the Vapnartak flea market.

Games 4
Rules played 4 New 3
Places played 2 New 0

Monday, 15 January 2018

First game of L'Art de la Guerre

I had an opportunity to play L'Art de la Guerre in 25mm at the club tonight so was happy to give them a go.  I had been told that they are very much a derivative set and so it proved - nothing new and exciting in them but potentially a solid game that might prove worthy of further play.

The game was 3 v 3 and moved a little slowly.  I held the centre of the Cartheginian line with my veteran Africans and Gallic support. The approaching Seleucid phalanx had slightly better combat values so the idea was to let them move between the two bits of terrain with them hopefully exposing their flanks to a double envelopment.  Howver as the night wore on it became clear that if I wanted to throw any dice I would also have to advance.  The resulting clash was indecisive if marginally against me and the overall game was declared a draw.

I would play again and I could provide 25mm armies to do so.  The issue is lack of availability of the the moment as they are currently out of print whilst remaining much sought after

Games 3
Rules played 3 New 2
Places played 2 New 0

Friday, 12 January 2018

Prestonpans 1745 with Cartouche

Called over to Tim C's tonight for a game with his shiny new 28mm armies for the '45.  We played Prestonpans with me taking the Jacobites.

Initially the charging clansman on the flanks were largely ineffective with the left flank Government cavalry being much more successful than their historical counterparts.  My plan had been to roll up the flanks with the highlanders and then move the Lowlanders in the centre up to complete the attack.  However with the balance of the battle against me I had to make one last desperate central push which paid off and was enough to win the day. 

Very entertaining game which swung backwards and forwards throughout the evening.  My first game of Cartouche.  Thanks to Tim for hosting

Games 2
Rules played 2 New 1
Places played 2 New 0