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Monday, 11 December 2017

Blockade runner

A multiplayer game of Coastal Patrol at the Falkirk club tonight.  The Germans were attempting to guide a blockade runner and a damaged U Boat into Brest under the escort of a couple of S boats and a minesweeper.

Two pairs of British boats, one pair MTBs and one MGBs waited with their main engines off trying to spot the incoming German ships.  The S Boats charged at full speed at the MTBs scoring a number of hits (on low probabilities) but nothing fatal and as they got very close both were sunk by accurate British fire. 

The merchant ship, U Boat and minesweeper all made fairly sedate progress and initially engaged the MGBs giving and receiving minor damage.

As the night drew to a close a number of torpedoes were launched resulting in evasive manoeuvers.  The merchant ship took the opportunity to ram an sink and MGB that got too close but ended up in the path of two torpedoes one of which sent it to the bottom.

A good game which confirmed my enjoyment of these rules which I hope to play again quite often.  Sorry no photos tonight

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Viking Raid

My annual visit to Washington Wargames Club coincided with their Christmas game.  I number of Viking warbands had got wind of a treasure trove being stored in a Saxon church and were all bent on claiming it for themselves

The Saxons proved tougher opponents than expected and none of the Vikings managed to reach the church.  I was the last to arrive and decided to take advantage of the earlier arivals and relieve them of some of their booty.  Great fun

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Jump or Burn first games

Another new set of rules from the Piquet stable.  Tried a couple of games on Thursday night with Doug and Tim.  Card driven and roll offs using D4 to D12.

In the first game my Fokker was ignominiously set on fire by the rear gunner of a RE8 but managed, in true wargamer style, to fly off the table before it proved fatal.  In the second game I took the RE8 but got nowhere near the action as the scouts battled it out.

Definitely worth another go and the rules are on order from Lancashire games.  Unfortunately they had a sale on so I ended up ordering Pulse of Battle, Archon and the Fantasy version of Piquet as well.  I blame Tim...

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Raid on a Pakistani airfield

Apologies for another poor photo - I will try harder in future!

Check Your 6 Jet Age  game at the Falkirk club.  I was helping defend an airfield from an Indian raid.  Tim managed to knock down a couple in his first game but I lost one of my Sabres.   Always a fun game

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Second game of Pulse of Battle

Apologies for forgetting to take a photograph until the figures were just about put away again!

Another rout - appalling luck.  My opponent went first every time and I am sure that I managed to throw a 1 in combat on a D4, D6, D8, D10 & D12!  I may be exaggerating but if so not by much.

Still it looks as if the system may provide at least a few games next year and may stimulate some painting which is always a good thing

Picketts charge via the Underground

I have been down in London for a couple of days and on Tuesday night visited the very hospitable Loughton Strike Force for a game of Picketts Charge.  My 2 brigades of Confederates made good if slow progress down the right flank but unfortunately my brother in arms had a tougher time of it on the left and the final result was a Union Victory.  We forgot to put any troops in the middle!

Earlier in the day I took the opportunity to visit the Scythian exhibition at the British Museum.  Some beautiful objects well presented and set in context.

Monday, 27 November 2017

A Lament for Pikeman's Lament

Both myself and Richard wanted to try the rules but our only compatible figures were early Renaissance so I ended up taking Swiss v Burgundian.

The rules are designed for ECW and similar period with Pike used much more in defence than attack so the experiment was a little unsatisfactory.  Definitely worth another go with in period armies.

I forgot to take a photo until the very end so the only unit left on the table were the above!