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Sunday, 22 September 2013

A Hundred Years of War - Event Report

This event, jointly sponsored by the Falkirk Wargames Club (FDWC) and Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers (SOTCW) has been long in the planning.  The idea was for members of both organisations, together with any other gamers with an interest in this period to get together for a day's wargaming.  It was held at the FDWC venue in Grangemouth.

There were two sessions in the day.  We had 3 games in the morning with 17 participants and 2 in the afternoon with 14.  The numbers were a little lower than I had hoped for (we could easily have coped with double the number) but that minor disappointment was more than offset by the universally positive feedback.

The morning games were a 1904 Mad Mullah battle hosted by the Bathgate club with their own house rules,  a WW1 air game using a playtest version of the second edition of Algernon gets it Off put on by SOTCW member Richard and a Bolt Action game that FDWC member Andy had organised.

In the afternoon Derek put on a 15mm Chain of Command game and there was a large Boxer game organised by another FDWC member, Mark.

All the games were very well received by those playing them.  I am hopeful of being able to make this an annual event so if anyone wants be involved in 2014 please get in touch.

Some photos
The Mad Mullah's forces mass, ready to attack

The British led forces await the onslaught

The German planes have the drop on their British foes

The Bolt Action game

The Boxers mass

The Boxer game

The Chain of Command game
A longer feature on the event will (hopefully) appear in the Journal of the SOTCW

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