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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Visit to Grimsby Wargames Society

On learning that I was to attend a course in Grimsby I immediately did some research and put out a request on several forums to see if I could contact the local wargamers with a view to getting in a game or two.

Paul got in touch and invited me along the Grimsby Wargames Society's club house.
 I subsequently learnt that this had originally been a very run down old stable block which had been purchased many years ago, refurbished and turned into a bespoke wargames venue by the members of the Society.

My first visit was on the Monday night which was devoted to historical wargaming.  There were I think five games on including an impressive looking Boxer Rebellion game featuring a part of Peking, a large 25/28mm Wars of the Roses game, An English Civil war battle and a 15mm Napoleonic clash between the Austrians and the French.

I joined in with Paul playing the Austrians against Andy's French.  The rules were the Grimsby Wargames Society's 15mm Napoleonic rules.  They are fast play and well designed to allow the large number of figures on the table to play to a conclusion in an evening.

When I don't know a set of rules my instinct is all out attack so I sent forward my cavalry on the extreme left flank and 6 battalions of infantry beside them in a headlong charge towards the French.  The basic sequence of the rules are a roll for initiative with the winner moving first followed by the second player, firing, melee and finally morale.  Combat is decided by opposed dice rolls which use from D4 to D12 (or D20?).  Depending on the type of unit a number of hits equates to its total loss and immediate removal from the battlefield.

Both flanks were soon locked in swirling cavalry melees. These continue until one side breaks or each player throws the same number on an average dice.  Both were fought to the death - unfortunately the death of the Austrians.  My attack columns advanced and threw themselves on the French line throwing it back but not doing enough damage to destroy any foot units although a battery of artillery was taken out.  On the right French horse artillery supported an advance by their foot which disposed of much of Pauls infantry. My attack had also ran out of steam so at that point we conceded.

The rules were very easy to learn and the game was a lot of fun.  Thanks to Paul and Andy for being so hospitable and the club members for being so welcoming.

On a Tuesday night the venue is used by another group of gamers largely playing Fantasy and SF games but some board gaming is also done.  Although he does not usually attend on a Tuesday Paul very kindly invited me down .  There were six of us 
up for board games so we split into two groups of three.  I played two games, Carcassonne which is a tile game set in the Middles Ages and a dice game entitled Roll Through the Ages.  Somehow I managed to win both games.  It was another very enjoyable night out.

Grimsby is a long way from Falkirk so I don't know when I will get down again which is a great shame as I had an absolute blast.  Not only do they Grimsby lads have an excellent facility but the club also has a great atmosphere.  Thanks again to the members for having me and Paul for being such a gracious host.

The Austrians
The French
Full deployment
The right flank cavalry melee
My massed troops surge forward
What the French saw
The rather large downstairs table filled with WoR troops


  1. Hi David, I was there myself about six months ago after chatting to a couple of the members on the League of Augsburg forum and was invited down for a Saturday all day game. I found the members of the club to be very friendly and welcoming.
    Our game was a 28mm WSS game with me commanding the British force's and another lad commanding the Dutch and I think another lad commanding all the cavalry. On the opposite side two guy's commanded the French on our table. On another table further Dutch battalions supported by some Austrian's and Prussian's.
    Facing these were the Bavarian's. To cut a long story short, I won the game for the Allies having caused heavy musket casualties on the French and them failing a army moral test.
    They've got a great set-up down there with their club house, I just wish I lived a bit closer.

  2. Thank you David and Ray.
    The Grimsby Wargames Society is less of the "grim" and more of the wargames. The door is always open and you're sure of a warm welcome.
    For your information I'm planning a large WSS game for next year to coincide with the 310 anniversary of Blenheim. Details will appear on my blog (Grimsby Wargaming) and the official club website in due course.