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Sunday, 10 November 2013

CY6 Jet Age at Targe

The Kirriemuir club presented their annual Targe show on Saturday and I was part of a small team from the Falkirk club that put on a couple of scenarios from the Crisis in Kashmir CY6 Jet Age scenario book.

The show itself had about a dozen traders and perhaps sixteen games along with a Bring and Buy.  I brought along half a dozen items and managed to shift all but one which paid for my purchases on the day which can't be bad.  It was all well organised and I enjoyed my day.

The first of the scenarios saw me flying a pair of Pakistani Sabres tasked with intercepting two Indian Canberra bombers, only for them to be jumped themselves by Gnats.  Kenny took the bombers and Doug the Gnats.  I got in a good firing position fairly quickly and put a lot of bullet holes in the Canberras, forcing one down.  The Gnats were all over me and their cannon firepower proved too much for the Sabres.  To give you an idea in terms of damage points caused the Sabres roll 6 x D6 and the Gnats 2 x D20.

The second scenario saw 4 Sabres being jumped by 4 Gnats.  It seems in the actual confrontation this was based on the Pakistanis never saw the Indian fighters and attributed the plane they lost to anti-aircraft fire!   Barry and I shared the Sabres and Doug took once again took the Gnats.  We also lost a plane before seeing our opponents and the game was a short and bloody affair with all the Sabres going down but not before Barry got a shot in throwing 34 on 6 D6 to cause the only Gnat shootdown of the day.

Doug had done all the preparation and planning and his was his excellent 1/200 scale planes we were using so it was probably only justice that he achieved a 6:1 kill ratio.  I would recommend CY6 to anyone looking to get into air combat.  We had lots of interested spectators throughout the day which always adds to the experience.

I was very pleased to meet fellow blogger Jim Duncan who came over to say hello, although I was saddened to hear of his loss of a close friend and fellow wargamer as reported on his blog.

We also took the opportunity to promote the next Carronade show (10th May 2014) and look to have signed up a new trader in Eagle Miniatures.

Congratulations to the winner of the best demonstration game which Rob Anderson of the Border Reivers club won with their Battle of Trafalgar Square 1984 and the RAF Leucars boys whose Divine Wind public Participation game was always going to be very hard to beat.

I managed a few photos:

A bit of a long shot but this shows the position where the sabres have turned and are about to take on the Cangerras rather than dogfighting with the Gnats

A shot of the main hall with our game in the foreground - that's Doug on the right talking to fellow club member David who was providing some moral support

The final Canberra with a Sabre on its tail which is just about to be taken out by a Gnat

A staged photo of the Canberrs and a Sabre

Another staged shot with a Mig 21 firing a missile at a Sabre - Doug had lots of positive comments about his pipe cleaner missile!
A rather poor shot of the Battle of Trafalgar Square game 

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  1. Good report on a fun day out - thanks Dave. My sucess with the Gnats was a bit of a surprise as I am usually the one providing the mobile target practice.