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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Painting and basing in November 2013

OK - I am going to do an experiment and see if going public with my to do list for a month helps me focus and complete it

1 - Rebase 15mm confederates for Longstreet.  I actually did some of this last night and have a usable army for my game on Friday (edit: Monday).  All the infantry, cavalry and dismounted cavalry are now on 25mm square bases, which now need to be painted, flocked and magnatised.  The artillery are on bases that are far too big but I have some replacements on order from Warbases which I will hopefully pick up at Targe.

2 - Paint up my Mordhiem warband.  This will be the tough one.

3 - Finish off the bases of some 25mm figures that I varnished a while ago.  They have been sitting there waiting for flock and magnetisation for months.  Before the end of the year I want to see what I have ready and what I need to work on for both sides of a Bloody Battles game

4 - Base up my 15mm figures, acquired about a year ago for the Paraguayan war.  I think I may be able to pad them out with some of my ACW figures

Lets see if this works?

Nearly forgot - tidy up the warattic a bit as well


  1. Good Stuff Dave. I look forward to seeing your fully painted band at our next Mordheim game!

  2. Hi Dave,

    Good to hear that 'Longstreet' continues to keep folk engaged with their ACW collections! Good luck with the rebasing - and the game on Friday (mine is tomorrow!)


    1. No idea why I said Friday when I meant Monday!

  3. Sounds like a lot of work for you this month! Looking forward to the pictures of the end result! ;-)
    You're on my bloglist now! ;-)