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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Mordhiem game 29/07/2013

Having a look at my blog I realised that I have been doing far fewer post game reports in recent months, so I have decided to try and do at least a short report of all my games - lets see how long I can keep it up.

On Monday we had the fourth round of Rory's Mordhiem campaign.  I had played in each of the previous 3 games with disastrous results so disbanded my Kislevite  warband  and started afresh with Marienburgers.

The board was very cluttered (6x4) with a fast flowing river at one end crossed by a single bridge leading to a structure which housed a mysterious but valuable key.

There were 4 entry points with myself and Kev (Beastmen) in the corners furtherest away from the prize and Rory (Kislevite ) at the halfway point on my side of the board with Andy (Sisters of Sigmar) opposite him.

Providing some entertainment close to the bridge (players side) were some giant centipede type bugs - not particularly good fighters but on a 2+ armour save - who were wandering around randomly but who would attack anyone that came within  6 inches.

Rory and Andy's forces got stuck in pretty much straight away against both the bugs and each other, but casualties were slow to mount.  Kev advanced taking advantage of the cover with the aim of getting close enough to the Sisters to charge without taking shooting casualties.  Rory was using his massed archery with little effect, although a handgunner did manage a lucky shot through the ruins taking out one of my halbardiers.  I ran up the edge of the board taking pot shots at Rory's troops as best I could, getting a few hits but doing no real damage.

Kev and Andy clashed and after a hard tussle the Beastmen were victorious.  Rory looked to be in a good position to storm across the bridge but he was wary of the Beastmen and had his hands full with the final bug.

Things then speeded up rapidly.  The Sisters had gone and in 2 turns the last bug (which I was rolling the dice for) killed 2 of Rory's men who promptly fled. My four longbowmen were deployed covering the approach to the bridge which was fairly open.  They took down one of the Beastmen so Kev decided that discretion was the better part of valour and also left the field.

My guys then surrounded the bug and killed it, collected the key and claimed victory!
My first Mordhiem win this year!  In the post battle phase my halberdier returned unscathed and I picked up a total of 67 gold coins to reinvest in my warband so a good result all round.

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  1. An enjoyable game Dave and a valuable victory for your band. Hopefully a sign of things to come :-)