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Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Gathering - Rosyth Impetus Tournament 11th August

It is a couple of weeks ago now when several members of Falkirk Wargames Club turned up at the Rosyth home of the Dunfirmline Wargames Club for a day of playing Impetus.

I find these Impetus tournaments very relaxing.  A couple of the players had very limited experience (one or two games) with the rules but veterans and newcomers alike were able to enjoy a pleasant days gaming  - winning is the aim but certainly not at the expense of mutual enjoyment of the fray.

I took along the same army that I had used at the Antonine's Folly competition earlier in the year, namely Feudal English.  I usually try to take something different but I had not managed to sort anything else out so I stuck with the same army this time.

My first opponent was Frazer.  A very competent player, although I had the good fortune to beat him quite convincingly just a few weeks before.  The tone of the game and my level of competence was set at my first cohesion test.  Having taken hits a unit throws to see what the damage is with a high throw potentially spelling disaster.  I reached into my dice bag gave a good shake of the dice and proceeded to throw an 8, which, given that Impetus only uses the traditional D6, caused much merriment.

Frazer easily outmanoeuvred me and although I was able to cause some him some damage I ended up pretty close to the bottom of the table after round 1.

Next up Was Richard from the Dunfirmline club with his 100 Years War English army.  My tactics were quite good but Richard's Longbowmen threw unbelievably bad dice and I ended up with a comfortable victory.

My final opponent was Justin who had answered a late call to make the competition numbers even and used Ottoman Turks.  He has played very little recently but that did not seem to cramp his style at all as he gave me a sound thrashing.  It did not help that the dice gods, who had been so kind to me in my previous game deserted me entirely in this one.

A great days gaming - I finished 7th out of 12 which was fine.  Frazer won the competition, the first time Dax has been beaten north of the border so congratulations to him.  Thanks to Ross for organising the event and the Dunfirmline club for being such gracious hosts

I took a few photos - here are the best of them

Frazer's Yuan Chinese
Dax's Assyrians
Richard's 100YW English
Two very nicely painted armies from the Dunfirmline club - Richard's Almoravids and Ross's Patrician Romans
David (Falkirk) with his Normans against Russ (Dunfirmline) with Sui Chinese.  I am not sure where the rest of the Chinese army is!


  1. Very cool. Do you know the scale o the Chinese army and the size of those bases?

  2. The Chinese are 28mm figures from TAG. Base sizes are 120 x 80mm for cavalry, 120 x 60 for infantry and 120 x 30mm for skirmishers.

    Cheers, Ross

    PS The Late Romans pictured are Marco's.

    1. Sorry for misidentifying the painter Ross

  3. Good to see the blog being, well, blogged matey :O)