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Friday, 26 April 2013

A great start to the year – what next?

I have done Vaparnak, Salute and the Viking exhibition at the museum.  This weekend we have an Impetus completion, on May 11th it is Carronade and we are then putting games on at the Museum of Flight!  Add in visits to Dumbarton and Washington Wargames clubs, Worlds at War and the usual Monday nights at the Falkirk club and it has been pretty intense.
I hope to keep up a good level of gaming for the rest of the year, but I suspect not to that level. I am already in a Mordhiem campaign and the Dux Brittaniarum one should hopefully restart in May.  I  also hope to get involved in a campaign of the reconquest of Majorca and WW2 naval /air fighting in the Med in the early war years.  Plus at least one game in my Peloponnesian Wars and 1513 campaigns as well to keep them ticking over.
However the other thing I need to do is focus on tidying and organising the attic where all my warming gear is – it is an absolute mess.  I also want to get some painting done.
Painting priorities are
The next game – I want to get sorted a bit in advance of each game and get to play with as many painted figures as possible
28mm 1960’s British and adversaries – I hope to buy a few more at Carronade

28mm Freikorps - once again buy some at Carronade
28mm SF – finish my Pig Iron troopers
15mm War of the Triple alliance – these are largely painted but need to be organised and magnetised as a minimum
28mm Tudor – there is a lot of work involved here but I want to try and pick these off a unit at a time
I also want to try and do Mortimer’s Cross this year in 25mm – most of the figures are painted but I need to do some research, organise the armies and probably paint up a few more
And finally
I picked up an Imprest Bradley and some28mm Iraqi insurgents and US troops a couple of weeks ago – perhaps a project for 2014 though?

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  1. Steady there Dave, don't get too carried away now and paint more than me :-)

    Like to see some of your Tudor stuff progressing though.