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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Visit to Washington Wargames Club

Washington was my first club, I joined back in 1978.  In the old days, before the internet, finding a club was pretty much a hit and miss affair.  I was actually on the top deck of a double decker bus reading Donald Featherstone’s ‘solo wargaming’ when I was spotted by Brian who came over and had a chat and invited me along to the club.
I had many memorable games there, made a lot of friends and made the transition from being a small scale collector of figures and potential solo wargamer to a fully fledged club gamer with a significant pile of unpainted lead.  I gained my lifelong interest in 25mm ancient wargaming, starting with WRG 5th, graduating to 6th and adding Warhammer Ancients and FOG.  Many other games were played including some impressive Christmas games.  We ran a local show, Warrior, for many years.  I served as treasurer, games organiser and chairman in my time so managed to put something back in to balance all the enjoyment I got out of being a member.

35 years later, having moved to Scotland, I am no longer a regular but do try and get down occasionally.  Last Saturday was actually my first visit for nearly two years but it was as if I had never been away.  It was 25mm ancients again but this time with Impetus.  Peter fancied giving the rules a try so I brought down Feudal Spanish and Andalusians.  We managed two games, with Peter winning the first game and me the second.  Guess who joined in the first game to also try out the rules – yes it was Brian.  He is hoping to get up to Carronade this year so I hope to see him again then. 
Hopefully it won’t be another two years before I get down again.

Not a particularly good photo I am afraid, but that is Brian sitting down and Peter with the tape!  Saga, FOG, Command and Colours and Heroclix were also played.  I nearly forgot - it was also great to see another mate of 35 years, Gary, playing WRG6th with Bob.


  1. Yes good to see you again Dave. It's about time you gave up all the new fangled rules and played some more 6th Edition.

  2. I'd love to get the contact info. I live near Gettysburg, PA which is not that far away.