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Friday, 22 June 2012

Master plan 2012 - half year update

I have done this in the same format as my original master plan post

1 – Get more gaming done

Behind the pace with 29 done in the first six months – still a chance to get to 70 but can’t see me hitting 16 different venues

2 – Get more painting done

Only about 120 v the target of 600 – lets see if I can at lesat get up to 300

3 – Progress my current projects

Impetus Tournaments –  Played the only one held in Scotland o far this year and expecting to play some more

Peloponnesian Wars –Two land battles fought – no naval as yet

Henry VIII’s invasion of France in 1513 – in 28mm –no progress at all

Scottish Renaissance battles (pre Civil War) in 25/28mm –again no progress

RN Carrier Ops – in 1/300 –nope

SF – 28mm – and no again

Post WWI Baltic states / RCW – 28mm –Yes – played two games Great War and Triumph and Tragedy) and now have a small painted Freikorps army 

I have bought some of the Commando Miniatures figures for the Indonesian Confrontation – that counts as a new project for 2012 I think

5 – Play a good variety of other games

Piquet  – not yet but planned

Purple Heart Valley  - played

Force on Force – one game

FOG and Hail Caesar – used for the Peloponnesian Wars games

WRG 6th – Oh yes

Napoleonic  - not yet

15mm WSS game – not yet

WHFB. – yes

SoA championship – no Scottish members have shown any interest in this

6 – Tidy the attic

It’s not that I haven’t tidied its just I am not sure anyone would notice

7 - Start a blog

What do you think ?  I would say that blogging has gone pretty well

8 – Review this list in December 2012

Lets hope I can plug a few gaps by then

9 – Stay married and keep my job

So far so good

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