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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Falkirk District Wargames Club

My planned visit to the Lead Adventurers MacLAM event this weekend did not happen and I had left it too late to organise a Monday night game at the club.  I went over for a couple of hours anyway and for a change was in observational mode rather than participative.

There were 12 games on.  3 Basic Baroque (2 28mm and 1 in 15mm) 3 Warhammer Fantasy Battle, 3 WW2 (15mm FOW, 6mm Blitzkrieg Commander and 15mm CAC) and 1 each of Warmachine, 15mm FOG(R) and 15mm Impetus.  All in all a pretty good reflection of the diversity that we would normally see on a Monday.

Our treasurer was not at the club so I did the fees collection service (£2 for most, £1 for concessions) and in the process did a full count of those attending.  30 members, one ex member wanting to rejoin, a new member wanting to join and one potential new member on his first visit.  I am not sure exactly how many members we have now but it must be pushing 45 which I believe is the highest level in the club's history.

What I particularly like about the Falkirk club is the way it encourages members to do their own thing and get involved.  We all seem to get along pretty well and whilst there obviously are groups of people who have rules preferences these don't take the form of exclusive cliques.

We put on Carronade each May and the show has gone from strength to strength.  This year we have also hosted some weekend events at our club premises - a very successful and well attended 2 day Warhammer Fantasy event and two single day Impetus tournaments - one in 25mm and a 15mm one planned for July.

The above might seem like a bit of an advertisement for the club, but it is simply a refection of how I see it.  I have been a member for 11 years now and look forward to many more years gaming with the group.

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