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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Freikorps v Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine

On Monday I had another go with the Triumph and Tragedy rules.  Allan has a fair sized Ukrainian army but just a couple of squads painted so he put out 2 x 10 man units, trained, each with a leader and an LMG.

To provide a bit of variety I had a veteran 10 man squad with leader, LMG and SMG and an HMG section.  The points were roughly the same.

I took my camera but have got out of the habit of taking photos at games so apologies – you will have to rely on my descriptions I am afraid.

From my side of the battle field there was a wood on my right and a wooded hill more towards the centre.  More or less dead centre of the board was a 2 storey house and on my left flank about 2/3 of the way towards the Ukrainian base line was another wooded hill.  There was also a fairly central wood in the Ukrainian centre.

We drew maps.  My plan was to take the far hill on the left and sweep around from that flank supported by the HMG which set up centre left.  Allan started with one squad in the wood with the aim of occupying the building and his other squad went for the same wooded hill as mine.

Allan made the hill first and engaged my squad from cover.  My superior fire power eventually told and I forced him to flee.  However my casualties were high and his guys rallied just before leaving the table.

In the centre my HMG initially had the better of it but the Ukrainians made it into the building and the value of the cover made them difficult to hit and my team started to take casualties.  I eventually threw 3 ones and the machine gun blew up.  My one remaining guy on the hill shot it out with the 3 survivors of the other squad until he also fell.

A victory for the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine!

It was the first time either of us had played the rules without the support of a more expert player so despite the low numbers of troops on the table it was all rather slow.  Enjoyable nonetheless and we are both up for a rematch.


  1. Don't know much about T&T, but they've got a great looking website. Looking forward to hearing about another game (and seeing some pictures!)

    Are the cards necessary to play the game?

  2. The cards are useful but not absolutely necessary