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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Warhammer Fantasy - a bloody draw

Last Monday my Chaos Warriors, complete with new chariot and sorcerer on a floating disk took on Kev's Dark Elves

We had agreed on 2000 points which is a bit of a stretch for me so I bulked out with more magic stuff.

The scenario was from the rules and was the one with diagonal deployment.  I chose sides and then deployed first.  This scenario should help my forces get to grips earlier es but by deploying second Kev was able to pack one flank, which reduced this advantage.  His mounted knights arrived late as did a unit of my Chaos Warriors

The battle itself was a tale of two flanks.  On my leftt a unit of chaos knights did a lot of damage taking out 2 enemy units.  The late arriving warriors managed to kill off a unit of crossbowmen, which included a wizard.  The Elves success here was largely provided by a muli headed fire breathing beast which took out my mounted mauraders and was eventually able to chase down my sorcerer.

On the other flank the tardy knights went through a large unit of maurauders like a knife through butter and then took out the chaos warriors led by my general.  My lone sucess was the chariot taking out an enemy unit in one turn.

A bloody affair with by the end honours being about even.

I think next time I will spend the extra points on troops rather than magic


  1. The Meeting Engagment is a diificult (if interesting) one to do well. Sounds like it was a more interesting game than I thought with Kevs DE getting massacreed,though I thought the Hydra was going to a tough nut right enough.

  2. The Hydra was down to one life but I could not quite nail it

  3. It was an interesting game, and I initally thought I was a gonner but some stalling tactics allowed me to save the day (almost!).

    The Dark Elves definately performed sub-par though, and if not for the Cold One Knights it would have been a disaster, but then they were almost a quarter of my points after you included the character.

    Still good fun though!

  4. Definately good fun and worth another try sometime