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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Assyrian came down like the wolf on the fold

On Monday I had another game of Impetus in 25mm, against Pete's New Kingdom Egyptians.  This is the army that I used to some effect last year with the chariots proving very powerful against almost all opposition.  Pete confessed at the start that in the 20 odd times he had used his Egyptians against Assyrians, under a number of different rule sets he had not managed a single win.  The omens were good.

I deployed first with the chariots in the centre, archers to either side, a decent unit of cavalry on the left and some scythians on the right. Pete put archers backed by spear in the centre and his chariots on his right.  His left flank was covered by a wood.

My plan was to angle my chariots across to take on the Egyptian chariots supported by the left flank archers with the other archers pinning the remainder of the Egyptian army. Pete advanced his chariots to take out the archers to their front supported by the foot archers on opportunity.

Put simply the Egyptian plan was superior!  My chariots were pretty much shot up by the foot archers and even though I was able to take out some chariots my army disintegrated before my eyes.  My charismatic general dying in the second turn, throwing a six on cohesion test and a six on a dice of destiny reroll did not help.

More like a mangy cur against a barricade than a wolf on the fold I am afraid!

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