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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Later Emishi - my Impetus nemesis

On Monday I had my first Impetus game of the year.  As usual my prep time was non existent so I decided to use the French Italian Wars army that I had lent to Doug for the second of the two competitions we played in last year.  The list was already done and I knew which boxes I needed to pick up so all it took was a quick trip to the attic and I was ready.

Then again I suppose it depends how you define ready.  Not having played for a couple of months I found my grasp of the rules less than perfect.  It did not help that I had never even heard of my opponents.  Google  is my friend and I found out that they were a distinctive racial group who had occupied the northern part of Japan before being conqueredand assimilated into the wider population.

In Impetus terms they are just about the perfect light cavalry army.  That was always going to be a challenge for my Pike Blocks and Gendarmes, although the Harquebus units did provide some compensating firepower. 

So the Pike trundled across the table and got pretty much shot to pieces.  The Gendarmes and the Archers (Heavy Cavalry rather than missile troops) did a good job on the left flank and even managed to catch and rout a couple of the better horse archer units.  In the end the Emishi only just managed to get the victory points for an outright win although there was never any doubt as to which army held the advantage.

A really good learning experience and a lot of fun.  Our table attracted a bit of a crowd towards the end who provided some noisy moral support to my troops.

I remembered the camera but forgot to take any photos!  That's game 5 now, so I need to up the pace a bit if I am going to hit my target of 70 for the year.  Another game of Impetus is planned for next week so watch this space.

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