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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Bush Wars by Force on Force

Just ordered off Amazon - release date in May

I have been looking for a 'modern' theatre of operations where I could model both sides in 28mm without needing a huge amount of stuff.  A what if set up in Belize (UK v Guatemala) or the Indonesian Confrontation have both been on my radar but Africa might also work.


  1. All three options sound interesting. If you're really keen on using Africa and UK forces, Britain has plenty of interests in Commonwealth countries over there. Seira Leone with it's diamond mines for example. Expanding on the Seira Leone intervention a decade ago might make for a very interesting what-if. Perhaps the para's didn't just go in to rescue hostages? Perhaps they were there to quash the rebellion once and for all?

  2. Certainly lots of possibilities. I'm hoping that I can take a couple of scenarios from Bush Wars and work up forces from those which will then give me the basis for expansion later.