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Friday, 3 February 2012

Antonine’s Folly

 I have agreed to arrange the first of what are hoped to be five Impetus events in Scotland in 2012.  This will be held on Sunday 22nd April at the Newlands Community Centre in Grangemouth which is the normal meeting place of the Falkirk & District Wargames Club.
I call it an event rather than a tournament because although it will count towards the Impetus world rankings these are intended to be relaxed affairs where Impetus players from across Scotland (plus anyone from further afield who wants to participate) can get together for some friendly games against different opponents and armies to those they would normally face in their home club. Impetus novices are welcome and won’t feel out of place.
There were two Impetus events in Scotland in 2011 which I took part in and found to be very enjoyable despite my lack of experience with the rules.  We have developed a system to underpin this philosophy which worked well last year and has been carried forward into 2012.  Armies from the full Impetus period are allowed but the players are divided into groups to match them to the closest historical opponents available.  These are then tweaked to spread members from the same club across the groups to try to avoid them playing each other.  In the 2011 competitions the groups were of four which enabled historical(ish) round robins to be played in each and everyone had at least 2 games against players from outside their club.  Terrain is fixed throughout to offer advantages and challenges to different types of army during the day.

Further details will be posted on the Impetus forum at  which is also where you can sign up.  If any Society of Ancients players are taking part and our paths cross, how about making it a Society of Ancients Championship game as well?

Oh and why Antonine’s Folly?  Well as the organiser I gave myself the naming rights.  The path of the Antonine wall passes within a mile of the venue so there is a strong local connection.  It was only manned for some 20 years between 142 AD and 162 AD (briefly reoccupied in 208 AD) so to me that seemed to be the ancient equivalent of a folly.  I liked the sound of it and could not think of anything better, so Antonine’s Folly it is.


  1. Good luck - I'll mention it to the folks at the Phoenix club who are into Impetus. The idea of close historical match-ups sounds very logical...

  2. One thing that I did not make clear is that is 25/28mm

  3. Looking forward to the event Dave, I might even get some thing painted by then. :-)

    1. One of the main reasons prompting me to take part ic competitons has always been that it forces me to get some painting done!