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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Society of Ancients

I have just rejoined the SoA.  I first joined in the late 70’s and was a member for over 20 years, dropped out for a bit and signed up again in 2009.  If ancient wargaming is one of your interests then it is well worth the £20 a year membership fee.

The most obvious benefit for members is the magazine Slingshot which comes out 6 times a year.  It is a high quality publication with a good mix of history and wargaming normally with book and figure reviews as well.  It is all written by members and there is no advertising to distract you.  There are also society products, discounts, a yahoo group to contact other members etc.

One of the things that encouraged me to rejoin was the Society championship as I thought it might help me find some new opponents.  It’s an elegant system where any two members can play virtually any ancient wargame and have the result count in the competition.  Unfortunately I have struggled to find Scottish gamers interested in taking part (in 25mm at least) but my activity on the yahoo group did result in me finding a new occasional opponent with whom I’ve had some excellent games.

If you are interested check out the website

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