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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Playing Favourites

Plagiarism rules!  Several of my favourite blogs have had a go at listing their wargames favourites so I decided to have a go as well.


All time – WRG 6th edition ancients.  I have played them every year since they came out in 1980

Current – Impetus – they give a great game in an evening session and I have thoroughly enjoyed the 2 tournaments I played in 2011, which were the first such events I had played in many years


25mm – my scale of choice from Ancients through to 1700.


My favourite figures have to be my old Asgard medieval infantry who have served in many a battle.  A close second are the Essex medieval knights.  When they came out I got them all in both foot and mounted poses.


I don’t tend to draw much inspiration for wargaming from films.  The war film that I will watch almost every time it comes on is Kelly’s Heroes.  My real favourite is the extended version of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


I do tend to draw inspiration from books and I many I time I have started to plan out how I might game the campaigns and battles portrayed.  Fortunately I am pretty good at only converting a small number of them into actual projects.

I have gone with a perennial favourite – The Airfix Guide to Ancient Wargaming.  It must be the most often revisited book in my collection and it was inspirational in getting me into ancient wargaming.


Has to be Slingshot.

Non Ancients favourite

The above reflects the fact that the Ancient /Medieval period has long been a firm favourite of mine.  Readers of my blog will be aware that I do game a fairly wide range of periods/rules/scales.  I thought I would pick one out to balance the above and after much deliberation decided on  ACW Fire and Fury in 15mm. 

So - what are your favourites?


  1. Well, I'm sure you've already seen mine!

  2. Some interesting choices, I've only played WRG a couple of times and that was over 10 years ago, not played Impetus either. I both love and hate Fire and Fury rules, hence the name of my blog!! Don't know if you saw my "favourites" post, check it out if you didn't ;0)

  3. Haven't played WRG in literally 3 decades! Someday, I should give it a go again.