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Sunday, 8 January 2012

1000 point Late German Great War Army (plus WAB)

I have just ordered (on my wife’s credit card) 5 packs of Renegade figures.  My friend Marco of Rif Raf Miniatures will hopefully paint them for her so she can give them to me as a birthday present.  This will then complete a Sturmabteilung company.  I’ll post pictures when the full force is assembled.

These guys are primarily for use as Freikorps but will also allow me to play a WWI game straight from the Great War book.  I always believe in keeping options open.  So I’ll be looking for opponents next.

Angela is also buying me the new WAB book in the half price sale.  It’s the last day of the sale today and I hesitated over getting it but finally succumbed.  Once again it keeps my options open for Ancients games.

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