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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

2019 Plan

I hope 2019 will follow fairly seamlessly from 2018.

Target games played is still a minimum of 100, but I will try to get up to 120.  This will rely on gaming 2 weekday nights more often and perhaps getting along to the new Stirling Wargamers venue a few times

I hope to get to 3 or 4 new wargames shows/events in 2019.  With the medieval day in Leven in January, the new Glasgow show and the Waterloo event (FDWC are putting on a couple of side participation games) this should be doable. This should also let me achieve my target of 3 new places wargamed

Rules systems should be many and varied.  The Hannibal and Battle Companies campaigns should conclude and I hope to start a couple of new ones towards the latter half of the year.

My painting target will be a bit bolder - the 100 painted from scratch again but this time I am going to go for 1200 finished off.
Blogging after each game proved difficult in 2018.  I will give it another go in 2019 even if some of the posts are quite short
Wish me luck!


  1. There's a medieval day in Leven?

  2. Based on your history, there is little doubt in my mind that you will accomplish your 2019 goals!

  3. Looks good. Whats the new wargaming venue in Stirling?

    1. There isn't one Rory. Stirling Wargamers have moved to a new venue in Falkirk.


  4. Looks good. Whats the new wargaming venue in Stirling?

  5. Look forward to seeing you games this yearq, cheers David

  6. Great plan for 2019. I am gping for 12 games based on one a month.

    In terms of painting as much as I can physically manage with my main theme being stalled projects; you know the couple of figures here, a base there type of thing.

    Looking foward to seeing your progress throughout the coming months.

    Cheers, Ross