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Friday, 12 January 2018

Prestonpans 1745 with Cartouche

Called over to Tim C's tonight for a game with his shiny new 28mm armies for the '45.  We played Prestonpans with me taking the Jacobites.

Initially the charging clansman on the flanks were largely ineffective with the left flank Government cavalry being much more successful than their historical counterparts.  My plan had been to roll up the flanks with the highlanders and then move the Lowlanders in the centre up to complete the attack.  However with the balance of the battle against me I had to make one last desperate central push which paid off and was enough to win the day. 

Very entertaining game which swung backwards and forwards throughout the evening.  My first game of Cartouche.  Thanks to Tim for hosting

Games 2
Rules played 2 New 1
Places played 2 New 0

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