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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

What rules to use with Wood Elves

I am just about to purchase a collection of wood elves from a fellow club member, all old citadel stuff.  I will have about 90 infantry, 8 cavalry, 3 hawks/eagles with archer crew and a tree man ent type creature

Forces for Hordes of the Things and Dragon Rampant are very doable but I wondered if anyone had suggestions for other rule sets that might be suitable?


  1. Dragon Rampant does seem to be quite trendy and Hordes of the Things is popular amongst the die hards.

    I would look at converting Dux Brittaniarum if you like a challenge.

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  3. Whatever you do take pictures and post them if you can.

  4. Dux Brit is an option - SAGA has also been suggested. I will try and keep the pictures coming

  5. Dragon Rampant is the obvious one. Or there's Songs of Blades and Heroes. There is also the Otherworld Skirmish game. It really depends what sort of game you want to try.

    1. I am looking for something a bit left field Kev. As usual the sort of game I want to try is something different

  6. All of the above, plus have a look at Ganesha's other fantasy rulesets, some of which are a bit, um', 'niche'

    ...and I recommend you head over to their home page for even more weird and wonderful ;)

  7. Could use the Elves for the Chaos Wars rules Andy and me tried recently. You've got enough for an army with those rules 10+ units

  8. Dragon Rampant for a fun game, Songs of Blades and Heroes for small scale skirmish or Mordheim. Oldhammer if you are looking for large skirmish games or HOTT.

    Cheers, Ross

  9. You've enough for smallish games of Kings of War if mass battle is an itch you want to scratch. Nice, simple rules that play fast and have plenty of subtle nuances...

  10. I apologize for shit formatting in advance but I think I have some tips that could help people
    Since some people have been having trouble with the new amber systems and weird economy and settlements I just wanted to write out what I did to beat my VH campaign which took 160 turns. Couldve been done sooner but I wanted to almost dominate the whole map