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Saturday, 17 September 2016

I am enjoying painting Elves!!!

At a loose end for a game this coming Monday I posted up on the club facebook page looking for an opponent.  Tim replied.  I know that he is a fan of Songs of Blades and Heroes and as this is a system I have not yet played I suggested this to him.  He was happy to oblige with an introductionary game and sent me some info through.

A starter force is only half a dozen models so I thought that I might have enough figures in my “stash” for a wood elf band.  Sure enough I found half a dozen plastic GW archers in need of a bit of a repaint, a couple of  metal figures of unknown origin in need of a touch up and a nicely painted dark elf (a little on the small side) who can be drafted in as a leader.

Last night I spent a happy hour applying paint to the figures.  Those of you who know me will recognise this as an unusual occurrence.  To me painting is a necessary chore rather than a pleasure.  I do get a good feeling once having completed a figure (however imperfectly) but the act itself is not one I particularly enjoy.

However, for some strange reason, painting the elves last night was a great experience.  Perhaps it was a one off but today I feel enthusiastic about expanding my elf collection (about 25 high elves, 12 dark elves and 8 wood elves) into full army sized forces.  As well as potentially SOBH I am thinking Hordes of the Things, Dragon Rampant and Chaos Wars.

I am not foolish enough to start buying masses of new lead or plastic.  One of my problems is that the transition from bare metal to finished figure always seems a long and daunting one.  My plan is to scour the bring and buys at shows for (cheap) painted and partly painted figures and bring the armies together over a period of time, looking for opportunities to find games I can use them in as I go.

Wish me luck.


  1. I always find that especially when I'm doing rank and file stuff that I always have a couple of bonus figures on the go as well, something more interesting than that group of Napoleonic's. Usually nothing at all to do with any ongoing project.

  2. For me, painting fantasy figures is often more enjoyable than painting historical simply beacuse in one sense the 'pressure' of not having to conform to a strict uniform and colour palette is not there. You are free to paint how you wish.

  3. Welcome to the Dark Side padawan!

  4. I find that every now and again you find something you jist love painting. And on it goes and no matter what else you paint,need to paint, or indeed, paint better, some just stick out as being really enjoyable.for me it is dark ages Scots/picts, ww2 soviets and tomb kings. Enjoy while the mood is on.

  5. Enjoying psinting for what it is - a creative process where you are able to interpret a sculpted minuature and bring it to life so to speak. You can be more creative with fantasy figures than historical.

    Cheers, Ross

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