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Saturday, 4 June 2016

DBA/HotT good SAGA bad

Last Monday saw the first of our 'last Monday in the month' DBA/HotT events.

Myself, Frazer, Gordon and Andy K got through 3 games of 25mm DBA. We played a round Robin with Andy and Frazer winning 2 games each  and myself and Gordon 1.  We still have a lot to learn but it was fun.  I got 2 new armies (to DBA) on the table, Early Achamenid Persian and Seleucid.

The 4 playing 15mm fantasy were Andy W, who provided the figures, John M, Ric and Doug.  I think they only got 2 games in but once again all seemed satisfied. 

The next event is scheduled for 27th June.

Bad news on the SAGA front, 2 Mondays with work commitments and other campaign nights mean that I am probably going to have to pay Danegeld for the first round!

Looking forward to tomorrow as we are taking a couple of games to the Wartime Experience event at the National Museum of Flight.

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  1. For Hordes of The Things, we got 2 games in each. Big learning curves and using a lot of Doug's knowledge of DBA to figure out some of the stuff that isn't explained as well as it could have been in HotT.