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Friday, 27 May 2016

SAGA game plus DBA plan

On Monday I had a final rehearsal game of SAGA before the campaign kicks off.  It was my opponent's first game of SAGA and I of course took advantage and soundly thrashed him.  To be fair rolling lots of 6s helped.  I now have a catch phrase for the campaign 'The Viking Way'.  This means that my plan is to ignore scenario's victory points etc. and just get stuck in at every opportunity.  We will see how well that approach works! 

We have a good turn out for Monday 30th and our first DBA/HotT night.  There are 4 playing 25mm DBA and 4 15mm HotT.  I have been working up some new armies so we have Achemenid Persian v Hoplite Greek and Seleucid v Roman. Although most of the figures are painted some need finishing off and others based up - DBA has certainly increased my output compared to previous years.  I will probably bring along another couple of armies in case anyone else wants to join in.

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