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Sunday, 3 January 2016

2016 plan

Simply put get more done!  So (a) more time on the enjoyable stuff, (b) do the necessary but less enjoyable stuff quicker and (c) do a lot less of the time wasting stuff.

In the wargaming context this means (a) play more games, (b) finally get the attic fully organised so I know what I have got and can find it quickly and (c) cut down internet browsing significantly.

On the games front my aim is to hit the magic 100 games played this year.  This basically means taking every opportunity to get games in.  For instance in 2015 I attended 6 shows and played 4 games.  I could probably have played 14 and certainly at least 12.  Fit another couple of shows in and I could get close to 20.

It is not all about games at shows of course.  Applying the get more done principles to my non wargaming life should free up time to look for other opportunities without unduly impacting my family life – my wife is very understanding about my hobby time but I certainly don’t want to take that for granted. 

It is not all about quantity of course – quality is just as important.  I hope to get involved in more campaigns at the club (Falkirk and District) and perhaps even run one myself.   Also a good number of historical refights.   I am running a DBA competition for the first time (April 24th) which I am looking forward to and expect to run 100 Years of War again in September.

More blogging would also be good and I want to write an article or two for the publications of the various societies of which I am a member.

So here is looking forward to a good (perhaps very good) year.  I hope all the readers of the blog are able to do all they set out to do in 2016 as well.   Happy New Year!


  1. One hundred games in one year? To me, that goal is unfathomable.
    Good luck to you and Happy 2016!

    1. It would not be possible to get anywhere near without being a member of a very active club that meets weekly and get involved in shows and other events. Falkirk and District Wargames Club has been very good to me.

  2. So you dropped the targets for painted models this year then?

    100 games in a year is a pretty tall order. I count myself lucky if I manage 40 or so, although that is changing thanks to Lucy's addiction to Dungeon Saga!

    1. The priority is to get everything sorted - once that is done I will start to think about painting. I actually undercoated 6 figures today which is a good start to the year