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Monday, 28 October 2013

Dead Man Walking - my best Impetus Tournament result yet

Sunday saw the third running of the Scottish Impetus Open.  Numbers were down a little at 8 but there were sufficient of us to make a good enjoyable day of it.
I say enjoyable, but I was full of an absolutely stinking cold and found it difficult to concentrate for most of the day.
My first game was against a Gallic army brought along by Russ from the Dunfermline club.  They were a bit out of period facing my Early Feudal English which pretty much rolled over his warband, despite Russ rolling impressively on his cohesion tests – the first 6 were all 1’s!
My second game was against an old adversary, David Burns, and his Normans.  I was able to concentrate my knights on the left flank in a relatively narrow area and gradually grind him down whilst taking a few casualties myself.  The coup de gras was delivered by my unit of mounted sergeants (overpowered I think in game terms) which broke two Norman units and won me the game.
The final game was against another Falkirk club member, Chuck, and his borrowed army of Medieval Swedes.  Although facing wall to wall Crossbow A I was able to turn his right flank before being held up by a very stubborn unit of halbardiers.   The result was a draw marginally in Chuck’s favour.
No photos as I did not take my camera.
I was pretty much a Dead Man Walking all day and played by instinct rather than thinking much about what I was doing.  That said I achieved my highest Impetus tournament position ever with a second place behind the redoubtable Dax.  I will have to try this brain dead approach again as it seems to work!

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