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Monday, 20 May 2013

Carronade Charitable donation of £411.84

This year we decided to support a charity as part of the show.  One of our members works for Shelter and he gave us the attached information on a project they are running

Shelter is running a three year project to provide a Housing Support Service in Partenrship with Scottish Verterans Residences and also provide support to Scottish Veterans Residences to help them improve the housing advice provided to ex-service men and women.

The main aim of the work is to support tenants in the Scottish Veterans' Residence at Whitefoord House in Edinburgh to successfully re-settle into permanent accommodation and also to imrove their resilience, living and coping skills and to avoid future episodes of Housing Crisis/Homelessness. We would also assist veterans to access the residence where appliciable to help stabilse their lives with a longerterm goal of independent living. Many of the ex-service personnel we help have been out of the service for 20+ years and only started to suffer health or mental problems later in life. These grousp of ex-service personnel are not well recognised or catered for and while some help was available it was scant and patchy and not aimed at providing longer term stability in their lives. Shelter feels that the cornerstone of stability is a home to call your own and that remains our overarching aim.

This work is funded entirely by donations so every penny helps and thanks for giving this work your consideration for support.

A total of £137.28 was raised mainly from the members of clubs who were putting on games with some contributions from members of the public as well.  The Falkirk Club have matched this on a 2 for 1 basis, hence the total donation was £411.84 to this very good cause.

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